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1. Asthenozoospermia Infertility Oxygen Free Radical Mechanism And Research Of Chinese Medicine Treatment
2. Poly Pill The Asthenozoospermia Semen Of No, Sod, Of M2 (cellular Components Of Dna) Mechanisms
3. Human Sperm In The Voltage-dependent Anion Channel Protein In Basic And Clinical Research
4. Influence Of LY294002 On Sperm Motility In Asthenozoospermia Patients In Vitro
5. Carnitine In The Treatment Of Idiopathic Asthenozoospermia: A Systematic Review
6. Research On Spermatozoal Proteins In Patients With Asthenozoospermia
7. A Clinical And Mechanical Investigation Of Arginine And Zinc Sulfate Capsule In The Treatment Of Asthenospermia And Oligospermia
8. The Screening Of Differential Expression Genes Related With Adult Male Asthenozoospermia By Genome Wide Microarray
9. Experimental Studies On The Shengjingsan Recipe's Effects For The Treatment Of A Rat Model Of Asthenozoospermia
10. Adenine Method Of Yi Jing Fang Treatment Of Infertility In Rats Less The Asthenozoospermia Experimental Study
11. Experimental Study Of Sperm DNA Oxidative Damage Of Idiopathic Asthenozoospermia Patients
12. Study The Role And Mechanism Of Differential Expression Sperm Proteins In Asthenzoosperm
13. Study Of The Relationship Between SEPT4, TEKT4and Idiopathic Asthenozoospermia
14. Therapeutic Effects Of Shengjingsan Recipe On Asthenozoospermia By Upregulation Of Catsper Channel In Sperm
15. Clinical And Expeirmental Studies On The Shengjingsan Granule‚Äôs Effect For The Treatment Of Asthenozoospermia
16. Expression Of Prohibitin&UPS Associated Proteins In Sperm From Infertile Men
17. Clusterin Expression In Human Male Reproductive System Research
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