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Petrological Characteristics Of The Permian Granites In Tukemu Region, Alashan Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2015-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422467469Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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Tukemu region,Alashan Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia is located in the western part of thenorthern margin of North China plate,which is the binding site of the Northwestern marginof the North China plate and the northeastern margin of the Tarim plate.To study thegenesis of the magma and magmatic evolution of the Permian, has representative andimportant significance in the northern margin of North China plate tectonic evolutionhistory.Based on"1:50000survey of mineral resources in the five maps including Bayan MaoDao,Alashan Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia "the paper focus on the relationship between thepetrological characteristics of the Permian Granites and its tectonic setting. With theanalysis Distribution Characteristics, Petrographic Characteristics,PetrochemicalCharacteristics and the data of petrology and geochemistry of Permian granites in Tukemuregion, discussed the genesis of the magma,magmatic evolution sequence diageneticenvironments.These provide a strong foundation for Petrographic Petrochemical anddiagenetic environments of Permian granitic intrusions in Alashan area.In the reserch area, highly magmatic activity, Magmatic activity last from thepre-Cambrian to the Triassic, formed the intrusion of a different era and lithologies. TheHercynian magmatic activity is the most intense, Hercynian magmatic activity occurredmainly in the middle-late Hercynian, especially in the early Permian, formed a set whichdominated by granite and granodiorite of acid intrusive bodies.This paper shows that, the Permian granitic intrusions include granodiorite pluton andsyenogranite pluton.They are respectively belong to the Calc-alkaline series, and (k-rich)calcium-alkali series. Judging by the source rocks, they are belonging to the Calc-alkalineseries magma, with the role of subduction-related I-type granite magma. Afterdifferentiation and assimilation and contamination,in the magma rising process, developeddifferent rock types. The Permian granitic intrusive in the Archean gneiss formation, is in aless degree of denudation and belonging to the arch emplacement model.Through the major elements and trace elements in diagrams, geochemical analysis, wecan see that in this area granodiorite pluton belongs to the tectonic setting of continental marginal arc. syenogranite pluton belongs to the post-orogenic extension environment.Integrated Regional tectonic framework, Petrographic Characteristics,and magmaticevolution,we infer that Tukemu region,Alashan Zuoqi, located in the island arc which builton the fragmentation crust--Yabulai-Bayinnuoer continental margin arc. The graniticintrusions, in the reserch area, forming when the Tarim plate subducting to the North Chinaplate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Petrology Characteristics, Ganodiorite, Senogranite, Permian, Alashan Zuoqi
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