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Study On The Petrology Characteristics Of Jurassic Granites In The Western Of Langshan, Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2015-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422967467Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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Study area is located in the west past of Langshan Mountain,the western InnerMongolia, its tectonic location belongs to the western part of the northern margin of theNorth China Craton. Jurassic magmatism are strong and developed widely with acidicgranitic rock in the study area, distribution in the dabatou temple area, he lithology ismainly alkali feldspar granite and monzonite granite. The intrusions was extendednorth-eastward, and intruded into Cha’ertaishan group and Wulashan Group.The geochemistry characteristics of pluton shows that: Jurassic granite is characterizedby the high Si2O contents, enrichment alkali and weakly peraluminous, also enrichment ofLILE elements(Rb, K, Th) and HFS elements(Zr, Hf),besides, Jurassic granite poor Sr, Ba,Eu,Ti and P. It belongs to K-rich calc-alkline igneous, showing the features of A-typegranites. Jurassic granite with high FeOT, relatively low Rb and lower P2O5content,different from the the fractionated I-type and S-type granites. Combined withregional tectonic evolution, that the Jurassic granites were formed in transitional period:post orogenic environment from intra-plate orogeny to intracontinental rift. Sincethe Indosinian movement, the northern margin of North China Craton went through atransitional tectonic regime from compression to extension. Under this tectonic regime,continental crust or plate lower crust producing the region A-type granites.Jurassic intrusions in the study area were significantly enriched trace elements such asAu, Ag, Pb, Zn, Sn, Mo, W, Mn and so an relative to the background, and the variationcoefficient of Au, Ni, As, was largest, showed a good conditions for metallogenicbackground, are favorable areas for magmatic hydrothermal type silver zincpolymetallicdeposit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Alkali feldspar granite, A-type granite, Petrogeochemistry, Langshan ofInner Mongolia, The Northern Margin of the North China Plate
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