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Geochemistry And Tectonic Environment Of Monzogranite In Huangtuliang Of North Hebei

Posted on:2015-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422967469Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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Monzogranite exposed in the north of Huangtuliang gold deposit in chicheng country,Northwest Hebei.The Huangtuliang gold deposit is located the contact zone ofShuiquangou-Dnanshan alkali mixed orebody and the Yanshanian granite,The outdoorstratum in this area are Archean chongli group in the south of the folt palaeoproterozoichongqixingzi Group in the other side and widely distributed Jurassic systerm.In this areaArchean chongli group contains xigeyu group shuidizhuang group huajiaying groupjiangouhe group and aijiagou group.Monzogranite distributed in the North of the goledeposit,the rocks in this area show mylonitize,the features of quarts are elongated anddirectional and alignment.The main idea of this article is to further stardy of Monzogranitemass in huangtuliang gold deposit.Using the knowledgeof Petrology,Geochemicl andIsotop to define the type and the factort of this rock mass and its age. The REEscompositions of the samples are similar, showing high∑REE contents,with enrichment inLREEs, light and heavy REEs fractionations are obvious and negative Eu anomalies are notobvious (δ=0.9).They show enrichment in K,Ba,Th and depletion in Ta,Nb,P,Zr andTi.Zircon U-P dating by LA-ICP-Mcyielded ages of244.8±2.0Ma of the huangtuliangpluton, Depending on the geochemical characteristics and the tectonic setting diagrams ofTa-Yb、Nb-Y、Rb(-Y+Nb)and Rb(-Yb+Ta)of Monzogranite, we can conclude that graniteformation environments in this region are more complex, both are the formation oforogenic environment, and are the non-formation of it, and they have the realationship withMiddle Triassic North China Craton.
Keywords/Search Tags:monzogranite, Geochemistry, LA-ICP-MS zircons U-Pb dating, Tectonic environment, North Hebei
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