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Multi-source Remote Sensing Dynamic Monitoring Method Of Mining Subsidence In Huainan Coal Mine

Posted on:2015-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330428474564Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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Coal mining and its utilization has brought huge economic benefits to society on thewhole, while at the same time, also brought a series of damages to the ecologicalenvironment of mining area, which threatened people’s life and production directly.Huainan mining area is a major coal production base,affected by coal mining, theground of Huainan coal mine caused subsidence on a large scale, as well as a series ofgeological disasters and geological environmental problems. Therefore, for effectivemonitoring of the study is of great significance.In this thesis,through the analysis of two high resolution remote sensing data ofIKONOS and GeoEye-1in Guqiao and Gubei mining area, coal mining subsidenceinformation has been achived with help of the man-machine interactive visualinterpretation, and object-oriented image information extraction method; UsingD-InSAR technology, the mining area surface deformation information was gained bydifferential interference on SAR images and then coal mining subsidence regularity wasanalyzed. The main research contents and results are as follows:(1)Through the analysis of the image feature of subsidence area and the actual fieldsurvey, the main characteristic of subsidence region extraction was built. Then got thesubsidence area information by means of visual interpretation, and, combined with thecollected data, completed the correction of extraction results.(2)Using object oriented image information extraction technology, choosing the rightsegmentation scale for object segmentation, with the aid of fuzzy rules’ classifier ofsoftware eCognition, we built subsidence area extraction rules, and completed theextraction of subsidence area information. And compared with visual interpretationresults, the extraction results were completed.(3)With D-InSAR technique, we extracted the ground subsidence value of Huainanmining area in the two periods using SRTM-3DEM as auxiliary DEM, with thetwo-pass method to explore the two groups ALOSPALSAR images of the studied areastepped by rectification, go flat, filtering, phase unwrapping, orbital refining,geocoding.As can be seen from the subsidence area extraction result, the subsidence areaincreased from0.53km2to8.76km2, the enlargement in subsidence area was obviousfrom2008to2012; the maximum subsidence value of Guqiao and Gubei mining areawas14to15cm in the two periods, the maximum subsidence velocity of two periodssubsidence area were0.1088cm/d and0.3261cm/d, and showed an up trend from2007 to2010.This study proved that based on the high score of optical remote sensing imageand the combination of D-InSAR technique can be wide-ranging, as well as all-weathermonitoring, which can not only reduce both cost and labor intensity. Comparing toconventional measurement techniques, this technology indeed, possesses incomparableadvantages.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mining subsidence area, Visual interpretation, Object-orientedinformation extraction, D-InSAR, Multi-source remote sensing
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