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The Design And Optimization Of Three-beam Four-post Combined Hydraulic Press’ Parametric System

Posted on:2014-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392964197Subject:Materials Processing Engineering
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With the application of new process and new technology, the hydraulic press hasbeen used in metal processing and non-metal forming more and more broadly, theapplication of hydraulic becomes diversification and precision and the share in themachine tool industry is rising on a large scale.The traditional structural design of hydraulic press is only used in the single designabout a tonnage. In the text, the design of the hydraulic press is programmed, so theparametric design can come true and the efficiency can be increased by saving designers'workload and design time, it also be suitable for development trend of the hydraulic press'multi-tonnage and multi-diversification.In the page, three-beam four-post combined and free forging hydraulic press is theprojector, it bases on the Visual Basic6.0, Solidworks is developed secondary byconnecting VB and Solidworks, it is able to design the hydraulic press'mechanicalstructure and check the feasibility by VB, hydraulic press'parametric design system withvisual interface and the important parts'final results computed by the optimal softwarewill be applied in the program. So that it can design the optimal hydraulic press based onthe rising efficiency.Firstly, the theoretical formula and experience numbers of three-beam four-postcombined and free forging hydraulic press'structural design can be expressed by VBlanguage, so that it will be programmed.Secondly, modeling in Solidworks and creating design table about parts for everypart,it is also said that all dimensions about one part are put in the design table about partsand it is convenient to connect with program. For some standard parts (guide sleeve、sealring、flange and so on), the standard size database is created in the Excel so that thestandard parts'dimensions can be called directly by the program in the design process andefficiency will rise.Thirdly, in the paper, the VB language is connected with Solidworks API connectorand the visual design surface is designed. By inputing paremeters in the interface, parts with relevant dimension are created in Solidworks and the parametric design comes true.While, each part is assembled in the program.Lastly, the entirety and each part of the hydraulic press weighting60MN is analysedby the Finite Element Analysis Software and tested the feasibility. At the same time, thesizes of upper and down beams are optimised in detail in order to reduce the weight ofparts as far as possible on condition that the stiffness is enough and save materials.
Keywords/Search Tags:paremetric design, hydraulic press, VB, secondary development, sizeoptimization
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