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The Optimized Design Of The Pre-stressed Frame In The20MN Quick Forging Hydraulic Press

Posted on:2014-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401476484Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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Since the21th century, with the rapid development of demand for the large forging indomestic market, the fast forging press equipment is becoming large-scale.LocalCompany surges to do the research into large-size double-column free forging press again. Itis important to do the basic scientific research for this kind of equipment.A study of the design about mainframe has been made on the foundation of20MNsurperior-driven Quick Forging Hydraulic Unit and the study is made in the method of boththeoretical analysis and simulation. First, contrastively analyze different projects from twoaspects of hydraulic cylinders’ distribution and the influence of column’s stiffness to thestress and the strain of mainframe. Then, based on the simulation results and the relatedformula, the main structural parameters of major component in mainframe, like upper beam,lower beam, column and hydraulic cylinder, was calculated, and the initial design scheme wasfinished. Finally, parametric model of frame initial designed was built in Solid Workssoftware, and using ANSYSWorkbench software, according to the initial design scheme, areasonable optimized outcome of mainframe in20MN surperior-driven Quick ForgingHydraulic Unit was obtained. At the same time, the optimized outcome confirms the designscheme of mainframe, and simulation result on ultimate scheme further demonstrates theaccuracy and reasonable of the idea of optimized design. The optimized design methodeffectively increase the scientificity and accuracy of mainframe’s design, and compared withexperience design, optimized design is more reasonableness and efficiency, because it reducesthe workload, and effectively avoids the tedious process of repeated modify and verify,moreover, it improves the quality of complex parts and makes the design result more intuitive.The displayed optimized design for the mainframe in fast forging press solve the problemslike between representation and drive, parameter setting and linkage, and module’s automaticupdate. This optimized design provides a technological base for the parametric optimizeddesign.This paper design for the mainframe in20MN surperior-driven Quick Forging HydraulicUnit,combined with traditional design and parameter optimized design. Based on thetraditional design and correlation analysis, a reasonable frame design scheme is ascertained inthe way of optimized design using Solid Works software and AnsysWorkbench software. The optimized design scheme effectively improves the quality, and shortens the design period, andprovides an effective design method for the fast forging press’s mainframe.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Mainframe of The Quick Forging Hydraulic Press, Pre-stressed Frame, The optimized design
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