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Keyword [Convection Diffusion Equation]
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1. Spectral Methods And Spectral Element Methods For Some Evolutionary Equations
2. Incremental Unknowns And Wavelet-like Incremental Unknowns Methods Applied In PDEs
3. Domain Decomposition Methods And Characteristics Methods For Parabolic Problems
4. Numerical Methods, Analysis, And Simulation For Porous Medium Flow
5. Studies And Applications Of Incremental Unknowns And The Preconditioned Iterative Algorithms
6. Some New Methods Of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations And Convection-diffusion Equations
7. Characteristic Finite Element Method For Convection Diffusion Problem & Numerical Simulation Of Bubble Behavior
8. Improved Semi-Lagrangian Methods And Its Applications
9. Some Studies On The Finite Difference Methods For The Special Kind Of Convection Diffusion Equation
10. Two-Grid Scheme For Solving Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equations
11. Lattice BGK Models For The Convection Diffusion Equation With Source Term
12. Some Researches On Parallel Algorithm For Convection-Diffusion Equation
13. Finite Element Method For Solving 3-D Convection-Diffusion Problems
14. Two-Grid Mixed Finite Element Method For Nonlinear Problems
15. The Implicit Perturbation Difference Scheme Of Convection Diffusion Equation
16. Optimal Control For Two Parabolic Equations
17. An Economical Difference Scheme For Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equations
18. Some Compact Finite Difference Methods For Convection-diffusion Problems
19. Radial Basis Method For Convection Diffusion Equation
20. Research On The Algorithm Of Convection-dominated Diffusion Of Two Dimensions Based On Characteristic Theory
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