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Keyword [Differential Equation]
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1. The Existence Of Periodic Solutions Of Several Kinds Of Functional Differential Equations
2. Periodic Solutions For Delay Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems For Differential Equations
3. Some Problems In Chaotic Systems And Their Applications
4. Statistical Inference For Diffusion Processes
5. The Wavelet Mathod For Partial Differential Equation
6. The Wavelet Method For Differential Equation
7. Coupling Problems Of Multiple Physical And Mechanical Fields In Sense And Actuating Devices/structures
8. Dynamics Of Transiently Chaotic Neural Networks And A Class Of Delay Differential Equations
9. Research Of Some Topics In The Theory Of Meromorphic Functions
10. 2D Interpolating Wavelets,Multifrequency Multifunctions Wavelets Nonharmonic Wavelets And Wavelets-Based Solutions To ODE
11. A Study On Exact Solutions And Lie Symmetries Of Differential Equation With Symbolic Computation
12. Spectral Methods In Unbounded Domains
13. Homotopy Method On Finding Periodic Solutions For Differential Equation
14. The Stability Of Uncertain Dynamical Systems And Applications
15. Asymptotic Behavior Of Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems And Applications In Neural Networks
16. The Application Of Impulsive Differential Equations In Mathematical Modelling Of Population Ecology Management
17. Asymptotical Behavior Of The Solution Of Nonautonomous Species' Dynamical System
18. Existence For Solutions And Qualitative Research Of Differential Equations With Impulses
19. The Discussion Of Some Nonlinear Operators And Applications To Boundary Value Problems For Differential Equations
20. Dynamical Analysis Of Transverse Vibrations Of Axially Moving Viscoelastic Beams
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