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Keyword [Hydraulic fracturing]
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1. Origin Of Ore-host Fault System In Huangsha Tungsten Vein Deposit, Southern Jiangxi Province
2. Application Of Micro-seismic Monitoring And Simulation Technology In The Research Of Fracture
3. Research On The Distribution Rule Of The Shallow Crustal Geostress Field In The China Mainland And Engineering Disturbance Characteristics
4. Research On The Hydraulic Fracturing Mechanics Theory Of Tuffaceous Formation In Hailaer Oilfield
5. Mechanism And Application Study Of Hydraulic Fracture In Niudong Volcanic Reservoir, Santanghu Basin
6. Research On Reservoir Characteristics And Fracture Initiation Mechanism Based On Fractal Theory
7. Wuliyasitai Depression Sandy Conglomerate Reservoir Transformation Theory And Application Of Technology
8. Study On Fluid-Solid Coupling Numerical Simulation Of Hydraulic Fracturing Extension
9. The Economic Low Limit Research Of Extra-Low Permeability By Hydraulic Fracturing
10. Numerical Simulation Of Heat And Liquid Transfer In The Hydrothermal Ore-forming Progresses
11. Testing Study Of Hydrofracturing Simulation Of Binnan Oilfield
12. Analysis Of In-situ Stress And Fracture Prediction Research Based On Acoustic Logging Data
13. The Study Of The Present Stress At The Northeast Of Longmen Shan Faults
14. Reservoir Characteristics And Fracability Research, Case Study On Well YuYe-1
15. Study On The Extraction Of Micro Seismic Signal And Inversion Of Cracks In Hydraulic Fracturing
16. Simulation Of Hydraulic Fracturing By Extended Finite Element Method
17. Experimental Study On Fracture Characteristics Of Oil Shale Under Thermal-mechanical Coupling Field
18. Numerical Simulation And Experimental Study On Ice Drilling Hole Wall Hydraulic Fracturing
19. Soviet Union Pier Pont Iii Gas Reservoir Is Difficult To Use To Block Development
20. Research On Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Model For Oil Shale In-situ Exploitaition And Hydraulic Fracturing
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