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1. Sequence Stratigraphy And Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Of The Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation In The Fuxian Prospect Area Of The Ordos Basin
2. The Upper Paleozoic Coals In Ordos Basin: The Molecular Characterization And Their Kinetic Studies On The Hydrocarbon Generation
3. Natural Gas Reservoir Formation Mechanism Of Ordovician And Its Relation With Tectonic Evolution In Ordos Basin
4. Structural Characteristics And The Evolution In Western Ordos Basin
5. Research On Related Problems Of Basement Evolution And Sedimentary Cover In Ordos Basin
6. The Tectonic And Sedimentary Evolution And Its Relationship To Gas Accumulation Of Lower Paleozoic In Ordos Basin
7. The Impact Of Formation Damage Upon Flow Units In Lithologic Pinchout Oil And Gas Accumulation With Reference To Huachi And Maling Oilfield In Ordos Basin
8. The Gas Reservoir-forming Conditions And Accumulation Rules Of Upper Paleozoic In Ordos Basin
9. Forming Mechanism And Dominated Factors Of The Reservoir Of The Clastic Rock Of The Upper Paleozoic In Northern Ordos Basin
10. The Kinetic Modeling Of Gaseous Components And Gaseous δ13C: Approaches For Revelation Of Gases Accumulation Process
11. The Migration And Accumulation Characters Of The Upper Paleozoic Gas Reservoir In Ordos Basin
12. The Mineralization Geochemistry Of The Low Temperature Fluid On The Dongsheng Sandstone Type Uranium Deposit
13. Natural Gas Reservoir And Pathway System Within Sulige Gas Field Of Ordos Basin
14. The Study On The Depositional System And Sand Body Spreading Regularity Of Upper Paleozoic In North Ordos Basin
15. Deposition System And Oil Accumulation Research Of Yanchang Formation In Triassic, Ordos Basin
16. Research For Sediment System, Reservoir Character And Oil-reservoir Formation Of Yanchang Formation, Triassic,Ordos Basin
17. Kinetic Simulation Of Thermogenic Natural Gas Generation And Its Geological Applications
18. Research On Depositional Systems And Pool-forming Assemblages Of Chang 1 And Chang 2 Members Of The Yanchang Formation From Ansai-Zichang Area In The Ordos Basin
19. Research On Reservoir Micro-characteristic Of Yanchang Formation In Fuxian Exploration Area Of The Ordos Basin
20. The Research On Characteristics And Reservoir Of Foreland Basin Of Western Margin Of Ordos Basin
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