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Keyword [Quasi-Newton equation]
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1. A Class Of New Factorized Quasi-Newton Methods For Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
2. A New Generalized Quasi-Newton Equation And Its Updates
3. Research On Sparse Quasi-Newton Method And Its Application
4. A Modified Quasi-Newton Method And It's Convergence
5. The Analysis And Research Of The Quasi-newton Algorithm
6. A Modified Quasi-newton Method And It's Convergence
7. A New Class Of Quasi-newton Algorithm And Its Convergence
8. Based On The New Quasi-newton Equation Of Nonlinear Least Squares, A New Class Of Algorithms
9. Based On The New Quasi-newton Equation Improved Bfgs Method
10. Application Of New Trust Region Methods, The Quasi-newton Equation
11. Definite Algorithm Based On The New Quasi-newton Equation For A Class Of Forced Convergence Analysis
12. Quasi-newton Method. Family Extended Its Global Convergence,
13. Amendment Unconstrained Optimization Problems, Quasi-newton Nonmonotonic Trust Region Algorithm
14. For Solving Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Problems Modified Bfgs Method
15. Unconstrained Optimization Problems Diagonal Third-order Correction Algorithm
16. Quasi-newton Equation Based On The Fourth-order Trust Region Algorithm
17. A New Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
18. An Improved Algorithms Of BFGS And Its Convergence Analysis
19. Modified Multistep Quasi-Newton Method And Its Convergence
20. Based On Cauchy's Second-order Cheng Diagonal Quasi-newton Algorithm Research
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