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1. Sequence Stratigraphy And Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Of The Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation In The Fuxian Prospect Area Of The Ordos Basin
2. Sedimentary Geology Of Cretaceous In Southern Tibet, And The Upper Cretaceous Oceanic Redbeds
3. Tertiary Tectonic And Sedimentary Evolution And Reservoir-Formation In The Western Qaidam Basin
4. The Features Of Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy And Their Controlling Factors In The Hong-Shi Area Of Qaidam Basin
5. Jurassic High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy And Oil/gas Potential In Qiangtang Basin
6. The Study Of Sedimentary Facies And Analysis Of Subtle Reservoir For Taikang--Xichao
7. The Strata And Their Geological Significance In The Canglaila Area Of Qiangtang Basin, North Tibet
8. Geophysical Joint Inversion For Reservoir Delineation Of Northern Erdos
9. Deposition System And Oil Accumulation Research Of Yanchang Formation In Triassic, Ordos Basin
10. The Prediction Of Fractured Gas Reservoirs Of Tight Clastic Rock
11. Sedimentary Facies Of The Tertiary In West Qaidam Basin
12. Stratigraphy And Sedimentary Facies Study Of Mesozoic In Dongpu And Surrounding Regions
13. Sequence Stratigraphy Study And Exploration Target Forecast In The Suibin Depression Of Sanjiang Basin In Mesozoic
14. Research On Depositional Systems And Prediction On Favorable Sandstone Body Of Lower Member Of Lower Ganchaigou Group In Southwestern Area Of Qaidam Basin
15. Research On Reservoir Micro-characteristic Of Yanchang Formation In Fuxian Exploration Area Of The Ordos Basin
16. The Mechanism For Sedimentation And Diagenesis Of Chang2 Subformation Of Upper Triassic, JiYuan District Of Ordos Basin
17. The Research And Its Application Of The Complications Reservoir Prediction And Identification Technique In The Southeast Areas Of Sichuan
18. Sequence Chatacterristics And Subtle Reservoir Prediction Of Putaohua Oil Bearing Layer In Qijia-Gulong Area
19. The Research For Distribution And Prediction Of Cretaceous And Tertiary Sedimentary Facies And Reservoir Beds In Kuche Depression, Tarim Basin
20. The Sequence Pattern And Sandbody Distribution Principle In The Compressed Shallow Basin
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