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Keyword [Western Sichuan Depression]
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1. The Characteristics Of In-situ Earth Stress And Its Application Research In Engineering Geology Of Petroleum On Compact Reservoir In Western Sichuan Depression
2. Research On Petroleum Accumulation Geochronology And The Characteristics Of Fluid Evolution Of Upper Triassic In The Middle Part Of Western Sichuan Depression
3. Stress Interpretation And Wellbore Stability Evaluation Of Xujiahe Formation Of Exploration Wells In Western Sichuan Depression
4. Gas Accumulation Dynamics Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir
5. Depositional Facies And Reservoir Characteristics Research And Evaluation Of Shaximiao Formation, Middle Arae Of Western Sichuan Depression
6. Research On Resource Evaluation And Management Policy Of Natural Gas Resource In Western Sichuan Depression
7. A Study On Geochemical Characteristics Of Reservoir Forming Geochronology Of Upper Triassic In Western Sichuan Depression
8. The Study On Geochemistry Characteristics Of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks And Natural Gas In The Middle Section Of Western Sichuan Depression
9. Sequence Stratigraphy And Sedimentary Facies Study Of Leikoupo Formation In The Southern Part Of The Western Sichuan Depression
10. The Research Of Characteristic Of Xujiahe Formation Reservoir In Dayi Structure Of The Western Sichuan Depression
11. The Study Of Structure Modeling In Western Sichuan Depression Based On Analyzing The Seismic Images
12. Tectonic Evolution And Fracture Stage In Hexingchang, Dongtai And Luojiang Area Of The Western Sichuan Depression
13. Study On Genesis Of Formation Water And Water-rock Interaction Of Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation, In Middle Area, Western Sichuan Depression
14. North-south Structural Belt In Western Sichuan Depression Triassic Trap Efficiency Evaluation
15. Geochemical Characteristics Of Natural Gas In Xujiahe Formation Of Mid-western Sichuan Depression And Gas Source Tracing
16. The Earth Stress Interpretation Software Design Of Compact Gas Reservoir In Western Sichuan Depression
17. Characteristics Of Natural Gas Accumulation In Xujiahe Formation In The Middle Of West Sichuan Depression
18. Research On Sedimentary Facies Features Of The Middle-upper Jurassic In Sumatou Structure And Its Main Factors Analysis Of High-yield Gas Wells, In Western Sichuan Depression, Sichuan Basin
19. Seismic Facies Study Of Jurassic In Western Sichuan Depression
20. Research On Depositional Facies Of The Middle Jurassic Shaximiao Formation In Majing-shifang Area, Western Sichuan Depression
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