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1. Expression And Bioactivity Studies Of Human Lactoferrin In Transgenic Carrot (Daucus Carota L.)
2. Explore The Bioactive Metabolites From Marine Bacteria Associated With Marine Organisms
3. The Hydrolysis, Labeling Analysis, Structure Elucidation And Bioactivity Research Of Agarobiose Oligopolymers
4. Chemical Constituents And Its Bioactivities From Marine Algae C.basiretorsa, A.Spicifera And Bioactivities In Vivo Of Ethanol Extract Of R.confervoides
5. Study On The Chemical Composition And Antimicrobial Activity Of Essential Oils From Many Plants And The Bioactivity And Stability Of Bergenin
6. Investigations On Bioactive Constituents From Three Marine Organisms And One Terrestrial Higher Plant
7. Chemical Constituents, Bioactivities And Its Application Of The Extract Of Two Genus Of Marine Algae
8. Studies On The Biosynthesis Of Human β-defensins And HIV Proteins In E.coli Cell-free System
9. Expression And Purification Of Human Lactoferrin In Silkworm And Its Bioactivity Study
10. Directional Conversion Of Green Tea Polyphenols With Nano-CaCO3 Immobilized Enzyme And Bioactivity Of Their Products
11. Secondary Metabolites Of Two Marine Algous Endophytic Fungi And Their Bioactivities
12. Studies On Extraction, Purification, Chemical Structure And Anti-bacteria Bioactivity Of Polysaccharides From Chlorella Autotrophica
13. Secondary Metabolites From Laurencia Species And Their Bioactivity And Chemotaxonomic Significance
14. Study Of The Flora In The Alimentary Tract Of Perinereis Aibuhitensis Grube And Its Bioactivity
15. Study On Gene-engineering Preparation Of Human α-defensin 5 And It's Bioactivity Against Several Pathogens
16. Purification, Bioactivity And Structure Of Polysaccharides From The Brown Seaweed Sargassum Pallidum
17. Study Of DsbA-DsbAmut As Molecular Chaperone In Prokaryotic Expression System
18. The Study Of The Structure And Bioactivity Of The Polysaccharides From Enteromorpha Intestinalis
19. Expression And Bioactivity Study Of Recombinant Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein (FIP) In Pichia Pastoris GS115
20. Synthesis, Modification And Bioactivity Evaluation Of Bromophenols Isolated From Alga
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