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1. Origin And Exploration Of Hydrocarbons In Baiyinchagan Depression
2. Molecular Diversity Of Microbial Communities In Continental Margin Sediments And Contaminant Environments
3. Screening Of Inductive-mutant Strain With High Yield Of Laccase, And The Purification, Characterization And Gene Cloning Of The Enzyme From The Mutant
4. Low-molecular-weight Compounds Involved In Lignin Biodegradation From Phanerochete Chrysosporium
5. Study On Breeding Technology Of Laser-induced Candida Tropicalis And Its Phenol-degrading Characters
6. Studies On Nicotine Metabolic Pathway As Well As Molecular Biology In Pseudomonas Sp. HF-1
7. Study On The Relationship Between Reduced Biomass Recalcitrance And Biodegradation Of Lignocellulose With White Rot Fungi
8. Isolation And Identification Of Dichloromethane-degrading Bacterium, Characteristics Of Biodegradation, Cloning And Expression Of Key Enzyme Genes
9. Study On The Prokaryotic Diversity And PAH-degrading Bacteria In Deep-Sea Sediments Of Lau Basin Hydrothermal Vent Field Of Southwest Pacific
10. Studies On Removal Of Mixed Plume Formed By Benzene, Toluene And Chlorinated Ethylenes In Groundwater
11. Biosynthesis, Biodegradation And Molecular Evolution Of Polyhydroxyalkanoates In Escherichia Coli
12. Study On Construction Of Highly Effective Petroleum Alkane Degradation Bacteria And Crude Oil Degradation Gene Engineering
13. Isolation And Identification Of Aniline-Degrading Strain GXA7 And Cloning Of Its Aniline Dioxygenase Gene Cluster
14. Study On The Mutation Of White-Rot Fungi And Aspergillus Niger By Radiation Of ~(60)Co Gamma Rays And Biodegradation To Lignin
15. Isolation, Identification, And Characterization Of Fibroin-Degrading Microorganisms
16. The Study Of Inhibition Effects Of Black Wattle Tannin On Microorganisms
17. Study On Degradation Pattern Of Two Biocides In Seawater
18. Breeding Of Pseudomonas Sp.DSDY0501 To Degrade PHB And The Research Of PHB Depolymerase
19. Isolation And Characterization Of A High Nicotine-degrading Bacterium, Pseudomonas Sp.ZUTSKD
20. Construction And Characterization Of Cell-Surface Displayed Engineering Strains For Organophosphate Biodegradation
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