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1. Studies On Carbon Isotopic Composition And Structural Identification Of Geoporphyrin
2. Geochemical Studies On Asphaltenes And Their Possible Applications In Petroleum Exploration And Production
3. The Molecular Organic Geochemical Study Of Paleo-To Neoproterozoic (1.8-0.85GA) Sediments From Jixian Strata Section, North China
4. Some Progresses On Organic Geochemistry Study Of Bohai, The Yellow Sea, The East China Sea And Large Estuaries
5. Biogeochemical Processes Of Organic Materials In The Salt Marsh Of The Changing Estuay
6. A Study On The Organic Composition And Distribution In Surface Sediments From The Gulf Of Mexico And South China Sea
7. Molecular, Carbon And Hydrogen Isotopic Composition Of Organic Matter From Salt Lake Depositional Environment And Hydrocarbon-generation Characterization Of Sulfur-rich Kerogen
8. Geo-macromolecular Structure Of Organic Matter In Immature Source Rocks And The Mechanism Of Immature Petroleum Formation
9. Applications Of Biomarkers In Paleoecology Reconstruction In Holocene And Characteristics Of Antarctic Aerosols
10. PKS I Gene Cloning And Functional Analysis In Streptomyces Lydicus
11. Palaeolacustrine Productivity Study Of Early Late Cretaceous In The Central Area Of Songliao Basin
12. Hydrocarbon Accumulation Of The Deep Reservoir In Huimin Depression
13. Secretome Research Of Several Kinds Of Important Cells
14. Study On The Trophic Relationships In The Yellow Sea Ecosystem Using Fatty Acid Markers
15. Sedimentary Record And Environmental Implications Since The Late Pleistocene From The Core DLC70-3 In South Yellow Sea
16. Organic Geochemical Researches On Ecology Of Penguin And Seal In Circum Antarctica
17. Study On Glycoprotein Proteomics Based On Biological Mass Spectrometry
18. Research And Application Of Pigment Biomarkers Of Common Phytoplankton Species In The Coast Of China
19. Development And Application Of Phospholipidomics Platform Based On LC-MS
20. Development Of New Methods To Study The Detection Of Protein Modification And Quantification
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