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1. Ant Colony Optimization And Application Of 3-d Seismic Information For Refined Explaination Of Structure In Mining Section
2. Comprehensive Evaluation Of Shahejie Formation Hydrocarbon Target In The Weicheng Area Of Dongpu Depression
3. The Applied Research For Fine Interpretation Of Coalfield 3-D Seismic Exploration
4. 3D Seismic Fine Interpretation Technique And Its Application In Southern Area Of WUERXUN Depression In HAILAER Basin
5. Reservoir Description Of Changchunling Oil Field Located In The Southern Songliao Basin
6. Fine Interpretation Of Deep Structure In Fenglenan Area
7. Fine Interpretation Of Reservoir In Shuang1of Moliqing
8. Jin 16 Piece Of Xinglong Station Reservoir Three Formation Reservoir Fine Description
9. Fine Interpretation Of The Structure And Sand Body Tracking In Yongxin Area
10. Structure Interpretation And Reservior Prediction Of Fuyu Oil Layer In Southern Mutou Area
11. Fine Interpretation Methods. Antlers Field Of Old Logging - Plum Dam Construction Jialing Group Reservoir Series
12. The Study Of Complex-Reservoir Logging Fine Interpretation Procedure
13. Fine. Nanyishan Shallow Reservoir Logging Parameters Evaluated
14. Fine Interpretation And Reservoir Study Of SaⅢ Petroleum Reservoir Group In The X Areas Of Lamadian Filed Based On Well-Seismic Integratation
15. Comprehensive Study Of Petroleum Geological Conditions In In The Southern Section Of Ciyutuo Slopes
16. The Seismic Reservoir Prediction Research For The Nantun Formation Of Huol2Block In Beier Depression
17. Fine Interpretation Of The Structure And Hydrocarbon Migration And Accumulaiton Of Baka Oil Field
18. Research Of Subtle Trap Identification Methods And Hydrocarbon Accumulation In Bayindulan Sag
19. Fine Interpretation Technology And Application Of3D Seismic Data On A Group Coal Seam In Zhangji Coal Mine
20. Study On The Fine Interpretation Of Donghe Sandstone Logging Reservoir In Tazhong 4 Oilfield
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