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1. The Theoty And Application Study On Nonlinear Optimization Methods For Seismic Inversion
3. Study On Cloning Of Gene Related To The Leafy Head Formation From Pac-choi And Transgenic Plants With Exogous BcpLH Gene
4. Hydrocarbon Formation Mechanism In The Earth's Interior
5. Physiological Studies On Carotenoid Formation And Regulation In Citrus Fruit
6. The Significance, Method And Technique Of Early Reservoir Description --Exemplified By The Early Reservoir Description In Sidaogou Structure Of Hami Depression
7. Research On Oil-gas Content Characteristics Of Ordovician Buried-hill In Lunnan Area In Tarim Basin
8. Sequence Stratigraphy And Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Of The Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation In The Fuxian Prospect Area Of The Ordos Basin
9. Nonlinear Waves And Intrgrable Systems
10. Star Formation For Globular Cluster System
11. Hydrological Simulation Of Cold Zone In China
12. Formation Mechanism, Reservoir Evaluation And Accumulation Of Deep Viscous Oil
13. Tertiary Tectonic And Sedimentary Evolution And Reservoir-Formation In The Western Qaidam Basin
14. Study On Formation And Evolution Of Sinian Petroleum Pools In Leshan-Longnusi Paleo-uplift, Sichuan Basin
15. Study Of Charged Particle Rapidity Density And Charge Fluctuations As A Signature Of QGP Formation
16. Petroleum Pool Formation Conditions And Models Of The East Slope Area In The Chengdao Oilfield
17. Natural Gas Reservoir Formation Mechanism Of Ordovician And Its Relation With Tectonic Evolution In Ordos Basin
18. Study On Hybrid Petroleum System Of Northern Dongying Area
19. Sequence Stratigraphy And Depositional Systems In The Xujiahe Formation, Upper Triassic System, Western Sichuan Basin
20. Reservoir Evaluation And Petroleum Pool Formation Model Of CB 30 Hidden Hill In Chendao Oilfield
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