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Keyword [global convergence]
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1. Global Convergence Properties Of Conjugate Gradient Methods
2. Trust Region Methods For Constrained Optimization And Semidefinite Complementarity Problems
3. Multiplier Methods For Complementarity Problems
4. Study On Optimality Conditions For Semi-infinite Programming And Optimization Methods With Perturbations
5. Broyden's Class Of Modified Quasi-Newton Methods And Their Applications
6. Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods For Optimization Problems
7. BFGS Method And Its Applications In Solving Constrained Optimization Problems
8. Research On The Iteration Method For Several Kinds Of Consistent And Inconsistent Constrained Matrix Equation
9. Homotopy Methods For Variational Inequality Problems
10. A Class Of Penalty Function Methods And The Applications Of Error Bound Theory For The Constrained Optimization Problems
11. Conjugate Gradient Methods And Self-Scaling Quasi-Newton Methods For Optimization
12. Research On Sequential Quadratics Programming Method For Solving Constrained Optimization
13. Investigation Into Non-Interior-Point Smoothing Algorithms For Complementarity Problems
14. Affine Scaling Interior Trust Region Methods For Solving Convex Constrained Nonlinear Systems
15. Study On The Algorithms For Complementarity And Semidefinite Programming Problems
16. Studies On The Active Set Identification And Multidimensional Filter Techniques For Solving Optimization Problems
17. Study On Numerical Methods For Several Optimization Problems
18. Theory And Application Of Inaccurate (Gauss -) Newton Method For Sub - Space - Based (none) Constrained Optimization Problems
19. Filter Method For Solving Nonlinear Optimization Problems
20. Variable Inequality Problem Affine Interior Point Trust Region Methods And Applications
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