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1. Analysis On Evolution And Hydrocarbon Potential Of Southern Songliao Basin And Its Deep Petroleum Systems
2. Petroleum Geology Of Niger Delta And Evaluation Of The Hydrocarbon Potential In Stubb Creek Marginal Oil Field
3. Deep-Water Oligocene In The South China Sea: Sedimentologic Characteristics And Hydrocarbon Potential
4. Geological Evolution And Hydrocarbon Potential Of Cenozoic Carbonate Platforms, Southern South China Sea
5. The Time, Environment And Hydrocarbon Potential Of The Lower Cretaceous Black Shales In Southeastern China
6. Study On The Hydrocarbon Potential Of Paleozoic Source Rock And The Geochemical Character Of Condensate & Gases In The West Ordos Basin
7. Structure Evolution And Hydrocarbon Potential In Ruoergai Area
8. The Study Of Seismic Sedimentology Of Paleogene In Qing-Nan Sag, Dongying Depression
9. The Development Potential Study Of Chao59 Block In ChaoYangGou Oil-field
10. The Evaluation Of Hydrocarbon Source Rock In Huhehu Depression
11. The Forecasting And Evaluation Of Depression Formation Of Hydrocarbon Source Rock And Resource Potential In Zhaozhou Depression
12. Source Rock-Oil Correlation And Hydrocarbon Generation Research Of Hashan Region
13. The Characteristics Of Meso-neoproterozoic Shale Gas Reservoir And The Hydrocarbon Potential Discussion In The Area Of Beijing, Tianjin And Hebei
14. Using Converted Wave Seismic Data To The Lithology And Hydrocarbon Potential Of The Geological Explanation
15. The The Akekule Structural Characteristics And Hydrocarbon Potential
16. Hydrocarbon Potential And Oil Rich Domain Evaluation With Logging Method In Low Permeability Lithologic Reservoir
17. The Characteristics Of Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetic And Its Application To Resource Assessment
18. The Research On Distribution Regularities Of Shale Gas In Upper Paleozoic In The Guangxi Area
19. Discussion On The Distribution Characteristics And Its Hydrocarbon Potential Of Mesozoic Stratum In Southern East China Sea Shelf Basin
20. Preliminary Evaluation Of Carboniferous Sedimentary Characteristics And Hydrocarbon Potential Of Southern Ningxia Region
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