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1. Geological Characteristics And Metallogenesis In Habo Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au Deposit, Yunnan, China
2. Characteristics And Genesis Of The Washan And Jishan Porphyry Iron Deposits In The Ningwu District
3. The Geochemical Characteristics And The Genesis Of The Longmenshan Cu-polymetallic Deposit Of Yueshan Area, Anhui Province
4. Ore-forming Fluids, Ore Geochemical Characteristics And Genesis Of The Longmenshan Cu Deposit Of Yueshan Area, Anhui Province
5. Geochemical Characteristics And Genesis Of Xiajinbao Au Deposit, Pingquan, Hebei Province
6. Geological Characteristics And Prospecting Direction Of Huanrenerpengdianzi~kuandianwanbao Molybdenum Polymetallic Deposit
7. Deposit Geological Characteristics And Genesis Of Hebei Xingshutai Iron Sulfide Mine
8. The Geological Characteristics And Deposit Genesis Of Sandstone Copper Deposit In Guihua Dacun Of Chuxiong Basin
9. Characteristics And Genesis Of The Hemushan Iron Deposit, Maanshan, Anhui Province
10. Characteristics And Genesis Of The Fenghuangshan Skarn Copper Deposit, Tongling, Anhui Province
11. The Genesis Of Makeng Fe Deposit And Mineral Prospectivity Mapping In Southwest Fujian, China
12. Genesis And Ore-control Regularity Of The Molybdenum Ore Deposit In Chagande’ Ersi Molybdenum Deposit In Wulatehouqi, Inner Mongolia
13. The Geochemical Characteristics And Genesis Of Xinqiao Cu-S-Fe Deposit, Tongling, Anhui Province
14. Geological, Geochemical Characteristics Ana Prospecting Of Qiupigou Copper Polymetallic Deposit In Heilonghang
15. A Study On The Characteristics And Genesis Of Pb-Zn(Au) Polymetallic Deposits, Dongzhi, Anhui
16. Geological Characteristics And Metal Logentic Regulation Of Bauxite Deposit, Wuzhengdao, Guizhou Province
17. The Discussion On Genesis And Prediction To Minerlization At Depth And Surrounding Of Jincheng Gold Ore Deposit, Luoshan County, Henan Province
18. Characteristics Of Subcrystalline Petrochemicals And Deposits Of SSC Cu - Ag Deposits In Baiyang Plant, Northwest Yunnan, China
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