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1. Mesozoic Volcanism And Constraint On Deep Geological Process In Yanshan Area
2. The Mesozoic Magmatism And Crustal Extension In Shandong Province, China-additionally Discussing The Relationship Between Lamprophyres And Gold Mineralization
3. Characteristics And Petrogenesis Of The Mesozoic Intrusive Rocks In Fanchang, Anhui Province
4. A Study On The Abundance Relationships Among Trace Elements And Its Application
5. Petrogenesis Of Taxkorgan Alkaline Complex Belt And Its Tectonic Significance
6. Petrogenesis And Geological Implications Of The Late Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks In Southeastern Jilin Province, Northeastern China
7. Magmatism Of Phanerozoic Granitoids In Southeastern Hunan Province, China And Its Evolution Regularity
8. The Triassic Post-collisional Magmatism For The Southern Lancangjiang Tectonic Zone, Southwestern China: Petrogenesis And Its Tectonic Implications
9. Petrogensis Of Magnesian Rocks Of Paleoproterzoic And Their Ore-control Role On Borate Deposits In East Liaoning
10. Zircon U-Pb Ages, Petrogenesis And Crustal Evolution Of The Granites In Northeastern Part Of The Great Xing'an Range
11. Mesozoic Granitoids In Eastern Songpan-GarzĂȘ: Geochemistry, Petrogenesis And Tectonic Implications
12. Geochronology And Geochemistry Of Cretaceous Mafic Volcanic Rocks From Zhejiang And Fujian Provinces, SE China: Petrogenesis And Geodynamic Implications For Lithospheric Extension
13. Geochronology, Petrology And Geochemistry Of The Post-collisional Granites Along The Mayinebo Fault Zone, Altay, Xinjiang
14. Study Of The Relationship Between Tectonism And Petrogenesis And Metallization In Hetai Gold Mine Region, Western Guangdong
15. Zircon U-Pb Ages, Geochemistry Of The Rushan Gabbro-diorites And Their Mafic Xenoliths From The Northern Sulu Orogen, Shandong Province, Eastern China
16. The Petrogenesis Of Paleozoic Granitoids In The North Margin Of Qaidam Basin And Their Orogenic Response
17. The Mafic-ultramafic Intrusions In The Huangshan Region Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang: Petrogenesis And Mineralization Implication
18. Petrogenesis And Geodynamic Implications Of The Late-Triassic Granitoids From The Qinling Orogenic Belt
19. Petrogenesis Of Indosinian Granitoids And Volcanic Rocks In Songpan-Garze Fold Belt: Constrains For Deep Geologic Processes
20. A Study On Chronology, Petrogenesis And Region Tectonic Significance Of Early Cretaceous-Early Eocene Intrusive Rocks In Nyainqentanglha Area
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