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1. Construction Of Eukaryotic Vectors Of Human Insulin Genomic Gene And Their Experimental Application
2. Cloning, Expression And Function Of OPG And BmK ITa1 Gene
3. Molecular Cloning, Expression, Structure-function Relationship Of K~+ Channel Scorpion Toxin From Buthus Martensii Karsch
4. Expression Patterns And Recombinant Expression Of Antimicrobial Peptide Genes From Housefly (Musca Domestica)
5. Gene Cloning, Recombinant Expression And Functional Analysis Of BmK αIV, A Novel Modulator Of Sodium Channels
6. The Recombinant Type Of Novel Tissue Plasminogen Activator Variant(RETEPLASE)-Optimization Of Culture Of Recombinant Expression In Escherichia Coli And Renaturation In Vitro
7. Molecular Characterizations Of Thermophilic Bacteriophages And Thermostable Maltogenic Amylase
8. Strategies For Heterologous Protein Expression In P. Pastoris: Expression Of Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 And 7
9. Study On The Characterization, Molecular Cloning, And Expression Of A Chitosanase From Microbacterium Sp.OU01
10. Expression And Bioactivity Study Of Recombinant Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein (FIP) In Pichia Pastoris GS115
11. Cloning, Recombinant Expression And Antibacterial Activity Of A Hepcidin Gene From Epinephelus. Awora
12. Preliminary Study On The Application Of Inorganic Binding Peptide's Interaction With Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
13. Screening, Recombinant Expression And Catalytic Property Of Lipase With Organic Solvents Tolerance
14. Expression Of Trehalose-6-Phosphat Synthase Gene In Prokaryote And Study On Its Function
15. The Study On High-Level Expression And Enzyme Properties Of Mutant α-Amylase Gene
16. Molecular Cloning And Analysis Of Ferritin And Antimicrobial Peptide CDNA Of Ticks
17. Construction Of Recombinant Expression Vector Of Sea Bream And Its Expression In Yeast Pichia Pastoris
18. Expression Of Sweet Protein Brazzein In The Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia Pastoris
19. Recombinant Expression And Characterization Of CHP3 And CHP5, Two Kinds Of Antimicrobial Peptides From Chinese Shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Chinensis)
20. Molecular Cloning And Regulatory Expression Mechanism Of Novel Fungal Laccase Genes
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