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1. The Reservoir Characteristics And Tectonic Influence Of High Rank Coalbed Methane In Qinshui Basin, Shanxi Province
2. A Study On Reservoir Characteristics And Elaborate Description, Lao 451 Block, Laohekou Oil Field
3. Research On The Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoir Physical Property Of Clastic Stone Of Paleozoic And Triassic In Akekule Uplift
4. Study On The Reservoir Characteristics And The Exploration Potential Of Low Rank Coal In The Western China
5. The Silurian And Devonian Reservoir Characteristics In The Tarim Basin
6. Study On Characteristics And Mechanism Of Ordovician Weathering Crust Reservoir Of Tabamiao Region
7. Study On The Genesis And Reservoir Characteristics Of Jurassic Dolomites In Shuanghu Area, Qiangtang Basin
8. Research On Sedimentary, Reservoirs And Nonstructural Traps Of Carboniferous-upper Devonian In The Central Tarim Area
9. The Facies Of Late Mesozoic Volcanic Rock And Its Reservoir Significance In Xujiaweizi Area, In Songliao Basin
10. High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoir Characteristics Of Yanchang Formation, Upper Triassic Series In Yangchang Oil Province, East Of Ordos Basin
11. Geoburried-hills Reservoir Characteristics And Forming-mechanism In Chexi Area
12. A Study On The Characteristics Of Sedimentology And Reservoir Of Lacustrine Carbonate Rocks In The First Member Of Shahejie Formation In Western Huimin Sag
13. Study On The Origin And Reservoir Characteristics Of Dolostones Of Majiagou Formation 4 Of The Ordovician In Ordos Basin
14. Study On Buried Hill Reservoir And Its Hydrocarbon Accumulation Conditions In The Beach Area Of Liaohe Rifted-basin
15. Research On The Characteristics Of Tight Reservoir And Log Predicting For Xujiahe Formation In Southern Sichuan Basin
16. Integrative Research Of Fluid Identification On Ultra-low Permeability Reservoir Of Puxi Area
17. High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservior Characteristics Of Triassia YanChang Formation In ZiBei Oil Field
18. Study On The Characteristics And Formation Mechanism Of Middle-Triassic Natural Gas Pools In The West-Central Sichuan Basin
19. Study Of Carboniferous Volcanic Reservoirs In Hongshanzui Oilfield Of Junggar Basin
20. Low Permeability Reservoir Characteristics And Hydrocarbon Accumulation Of Quan4 Formation In Longxi Area
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