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1. The Gas Reservoir-forming Conditions And Accumulation Rules Of Upper Paleozoic In Ordos Basin
2. Study On Basin-Range Coupling & Petroleum Accumulation In The East Region Of Tarim Basin
3. The Hydrocarbon Reservoir-forming Conditions' Research Of Baijiahai Area In The East Of Junggar Basin
4. The Gas Reservoir-forming Conditions And Accumulation Models Of Subtle Traps In Upper Triassic In Central Sichuan Basin
5. The Research Of Reservoir Forming Conditions And Patterns Of Xujiahe Formation In The Southern Of Sichuan
6. Gas Reservoir Forming Conditions Of Lower Paleozoic Of Luochuan And Adjacent Area In Ordos Basin
7. Reservoir-forming Conditions Of Kongdian Formation At South Slope In DongYing Depression
8. Analysis Of The Reservoir-Forming Conditions Of Shale Gas Potential In Sichuan Basin
9. Analysis On Reservoir Forming Conditions In Deep Layers Of Longshen 1 Well Field In Yingtai Fault
10. Research On Gas Reservoir-forming Conditions Of Huoshiling Formation In Shuangliao Depression
11. The Research Of Oil&Gas Accumulation Congditions Of Putaohua Reservoir At The Southern Area Of Zhaoyuan Of The Northern Parts In Songliao Basin
12. The Research Of Gas Reservoir-forming Conditions In Huoshiling Formation Of Yushu Depression
13. Aanlysising The Gas Reservoir Forming Conditions And Forecasting For Favorable Areas Of Yingcheng Formation In Yingtai Fault Depression
14. Tentonic Characteristics And Oil-gas Accumulation Study Of Qijiang District In Sichuan Basin
15. Research On Oil Accumulation Patterns Of Yan10in Baihe Area Of Ordos Basin
16. Geological Conditions Of Shale Gas Formation And Favorable Area Selection In The Upper Yangtze Region
17. Study Of Tectonic Evolution And Oil And Gas Reservoir Forming Conditions Of Chuxiong Basin
18. Potential Assessment On The Carboniferous-permian Shale Gas Resource In Central Hunan
19. The Study Of The Reservoir Forming Conditions For Yitong Basin Northwestern Edge Luxiang-Chaluhe
20. Shale Gas Accumulation Characteristics And Evaluation Of Target Area In NW Hunan Area
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