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Keyword [reservoir heterogeneity]
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1. Terrigenous Sequence Stratigraphy Characteristic Hydrocarbon Exploration Of Fault-depressed Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study Of Early Cretaceous, Honghaoersute Sag, Erlian Basin
2. Geochemical Studies Of Petroleum Accumulation Of Hade 4 Oil Field
3. Classification And Formative Effects Of Sandstone Reservoirs With Low Recovery Efficiency
4. The Study Of Residual Oil In Natural Water Influx Mature Oil Field
5. Study On The Impact Of Reservoir Heterogeneity On Hydrocarbon Accumulation And Distribution
6. Reserves Calculation Of Heterogenous Hydrocarbon Reservoir
7. High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservior Characteristics Of Triassia YanChang Formation In ZiBei Oil Field
8. Study On The Heterogeneity And 4-Dimensional Reservoir Model Of The Nearshore Subaqueous Fans System
9. The Formation And Distribution Of Residual Oil Of Putaohua Oilfield
10. Mechanisms And Geological Modeling Of CO2 Sequestration In Saline Aquifers
11. The Research Of WangJi Complicated Fault-block Oil Reservoir Development Geological Comprehensive Evaluation And Adjustment Treatment
12. Delicate Reservoir Description And Residual Oil Distribution Research On The Second Member Of Yanchang Formation In Ansai Oilfield
13. Study Of Fine Reservoir Description At Arys Oilfield Of South Turgai Basin In Kazakhstan
14. Gudong Seven Districts West Reservoir Heterogeneity Characterization And The Remaining Oil Is Quantitatively Described
15. A Research On Reservoir Heterogeneity Of N21 Reservoir Gasikule Oilfield Of Qinghai Provence
16. Study On Sedimentary Microfacies And Reservoir Heterogeneity Of S3~4 Member In Block Shen84-An12
17. The Studied Of Reservoir Character Of Thick Fluvial Sand Body
18. Heterogeneity Evaluation Method Of Ⅱ-type Oil Reservoir
19. Classification Of Fluvial Reservoir Flow Unit In The North Part Of The North Section In Lamodian Oil Field
20. Study Of Remnant Oil Distribution Of Reservoir Group PI In The West Part Of Beisandong In Sabei Development Area
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