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1. Research On The Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoir Physical Property Of Clastic Stone Of Paleozoic And Triassic In Akekule Uplift
2. Pay Zone Sand Body Formation Causes And Reservoir Physical Property Parameters Study
3. The Study Of Characteristics And Controlling Factors Of Low Permeability Reservoir Of He8 Section In Sulige Region
4. The Difference Of Hydrocarbon Fullness Between Turbidity Sand Reservoirs In Bonan Sub-sag
5. Secondary Logging Interpretation Of Chang 8 Reservoir In Jiyuan Area
6. Investigation Of The Character Of Reservoir Geology Evaluation For Taiyuan Formation In Shaanbei Region Daniudi Gas Field
7. The Analysis Of Sedimentary Facies And Research On Reservoir Of South Dagang Oilfield Of The Upper Paleozoic
8. A Study On Reservoir Evaluation In Yuekou Wellblock Of GanGuYi
9. Research Of Conglomerate Rservoir Characteristics Of Triassic Baikouquan Formation In Mabei Slope
10. The Tight Sandstone Reservoir Assessment In The Third Member Of Shahejie Formation Of Shuangtaizi Area In Liaohe Depression
11. The Oil And Water Distribution Rule And Main Controlling Factors Of Ⅲ Oil Group Of He 3 Period Of Henan Jinglou Central District
12. Now 100 Of River Cattle Es3 Depositional Systems And Reservoir Characteristics Of Study
13. Distributing Of Remaining Oil And The Method Of Developing In The Second Type Oil Layers Reservoirs
14. Evaluation On Reservoir Characteristics And Distribution Of Lower Paleozoic Era In Central Tarim Basin
15. The Study Of Sedimentary Facies And Reservoir Of Neopaleozoic In Daniudi Gas Field
16. Research On Spectral Response Mechanisms Of Oil Sands Components And Ore Prospecting By Remote Sensing Technology
17. Micro-characteristics Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir Of Yanchang Formation In Ordos Basin
18. Physical Properties And Comprehensive Evaluation Ofcoalbed Methane Reservoirs Of Jurassic In The Northern Qaidam Basin
19. Sedimentary System And Reservoir Characteristics Of Chang 7 And Chang 10 Member Of The Triassic Yanchang Formation In The Central Ordos Basin
20. Study On Reservoir Characters Of The Mo-116in Mobei Oilfield Member2of Jurassic Sangonhe Formation In Junggar Basin
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