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1. The Theoty And Application Study On Nonlinear Optimization Methods For Seismic Inversion
2. The Significance, Method And Technique Of Early Reservoir Description --Exemplified By The Early Reservoir Description In Sidaogou Structure Of Hami Depression
3. High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis And Subtle Reservoir Prediction Of Lower Tertiary In Changdi Area, Shengli Oilfield
4. Controls On The Complicated Reservoirs And Prediction Of Effective Sandstone Distributionin Sulige Gasfield
5. Reservoir Prediction For Cenozoic & Mesozoic Erathem In South-western Part Of Jianghan Basin
6. Reservoir Prediction From Well Logs And Seismic Multi-attribute Analysis, Methodology And Application
7. The Research Of Seismic Identification Technique Of Heterogeneous And Fracture Tight Gas Reservoir Of Xujiahe Formation, In Chuanxi Depression
8. Discussing Lithostratigraphic Reservoir Controlled By Slope Break And Shore Line In Depression
9. Sequence Stratigraphy Study And Reservoir Prediction For Palogue Oil Field, Sudan
10. Seismic Imaging And Reservoir Prediction Of Typical Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs In Pre-Caspian Sea Basin
11. The Studies Of Carbonate Reservoir In The Changxing And The Feixianguan Formations In The Northeastern Sichuan Basin In China
12. Study On Hydrocarbon Accumulation And Prediction Technology In Dongpu Salt-lake Basin
13. The Optimization Of Reservoir Seismic Attributes And The Comprehensive Interpretation Of Attribute-body
14. The Research On Fractured Reservoir Prediction Using P-wave Seismic Methods
15. On Upper Paleozoic Subtle Gas Pools In Tabamiao District
16. Study On Characteristics And Mechanism Of Ordovician Weathering Crust Reservoir Of Tabamiao Region
17. The Research And Its Application Of The Complications Reservoir Prediction And Identification Technique In The Southeast Areas Of Sichuan
18. Sequence Chatacterristics And Subtle Reservoir Prediction Of Putaohua Oil Bearing Layer In Qijia-Gulong Area
19. The Karst Reservoir Characteristic And Seismic Prediction To The Ordovician Stratum On The Leshan-Longnvsi Paleouplift
20. Research On Fine Prediction Of High-Shale-Content Laminated Sand Reservoir
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