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1. The Theoty And Application Study On Nonlinear Optimization Methods For Seismic Inversion
2. 4D Seismic And It's Application To The Monitoring Of Water Flooding Reservoir
3. Seismic Inverse Scattering Theory And Depth Imaging
4. The Seismic Inversion And Prospect Of Hight Resolution Seismic Reservoir With The Thin Interbeds Of Sandstone And Mudstone
5. Prediction And Evaluation On The Subtle Reservoirs Of Lower Tertiary, Subei Basin
6. The Karst Reservoir Characteristic And Seismic Prediction To The Ordovician Stratum On The Leshan-Longnvsi Paleouplift
7. The Application Of Subtle Reservoir Identification Technology In Jurassic System Exploration In The Central Block 1 Of Junggar Basin
8. Study Of High Quality Reservoir Prediction Techniques In Low Porosity/permeability Sandstone In TMB Area Of Erdos Basin
9. Geological Characters And Seismic Prediction Technique Of The Permian Reefs In East Sichuan
10. Study And Prediction On Seismic Response Model Of Tight Reservoirs In Tabamiao Area, Ordos Basin
11. The Research And The Application On Nonmarine High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoir Prediction Technology
12. Application Of Rock Physics Theory In Seismic Reservior Discrimination
13. Seismic Reservoir For Intelligent Information Processing Method Study
14. Chaotic Dynamics And Seismic Oil Reserves Information Detection Method
15. Seismic Reservoir Prediction For Formation PengLaiZhen Of Baimamiao Area In Northwestern Sichuan Basin
16. Integrated Prediction Of Reservoirs And Pressure In Xianhe 3D Block, Liaohe Western Depression
17. Comprehensive Well And Geological Constrained Seismic Inversion
18. The Theoretical Research On Zoeppritz Elastic Impedance Forward And Inversion
19. The Research Of Techniques And Application In Developing Seismic Reservoir Prediction
20. Reservoir Characteristics And Prediction Of T1f Of Jinzhuping Structural Belt In East Sichuan
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