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1. The Upper Paleozoic Coals In Ordos Basin: The Molecular Characterization And Their Kinetic Studies On The Hydrocarbon Generation
2. Forming Mechanism And Dominated Factors Of The Reservoir Of The Clastic Rock Of The Upper Paleozoic In Northern Ordos Basin
3. The Migration And Accumulation Characters Of The Upper Paleozoic Gas Reservoir In Ordos Basin
4. Research On Sedimentary Systems And Hydrocarbons Enrichment Of The Upper Palaeozoic Of The Ordos Basin
5. Research On Diagenesis And Analysis On Pores Diagenetic Evolution Of Sandstone Reservoirs Of The Upper Paleozoic, Ordos Basin
6. The Accumulation Mechanism Of Lithologic Gas Reservoir Of The Upper Paleozoic In Eastern Ordos Basin
7. Study On The Genesis Of Subnormal Formation Pressure In The Upper Paleozoic Strata Of Sulige Gasfield
8. Tectonic And Exploration Prospect In Carboniferous Of Qaidam Basin
9. Research On Characteristics Of Natural Gas Reservoiring In The Upper Paleozoic In The Northern Ordos Basin
10. The Study Of Sedimentary System Of Upper Paleozoic In East Ordos Basin
11. Research On The Characteristics And Diagenesis Of Sandstone In The Upper Paleozoic Reservoir In Ordos Basin
12. Dongpu Depression And Adjacent Areas Of Depression Of The Thermal Evolution Of The Upper Paleozoic History And The History Of Secondary Hydrocarbon
13. Extend The Oil Region Of Upper Paleozoic Sedimentary Facies And Reservoir Microscopic Characteristics Of The Ordos Basin Study
14. The Study Of The Character And Distribution Of Reservior In The Upper Paleozoic Group In Tabamiao Area Of Ordos Basin
15. Research On Fluid Inclusions Of The Researvoirs In The Upper Paleozoic In The Ordos Basin
16. Analysis Of Sedimentary & Reservoir Characteristics On The Upper Paleozoic Of Western Foreland Area In Ordos Basin
17. The Research On Diagenesis And Aqueous Medium In Upper Paleozoic Of Zizhou-Qingjian
18. The Upper Paleozoic Oil Reserve Description Of Dawangzhuang Faults No.1 Rise Checking Middle Piece And The Oil Gas Synthesizes Valuation
19. The Research Of Reservoir Petrology Characteristics Of Huitan 1 Well On The Upper Paleozoic Of Western Area In Ordos Basin
20. Reservoir Characteristics Of Volcanic Rocks And Petroleum Geological Significance In The Upper Paleozoic Of Santanghu Basin
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