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Keyword [tight sandstone reservoir]
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1. Study On Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoir Of Deep Basin Gas Trap Of The Upper Palaeozoic Strata In The Central-Eastern Ordos
2. Gas Accumulation Dynamics Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir
3. Research On Reservoir Parameters And Characterization Of Continental Tight Sandstone
4. A Research On Tight Sandstone Reservoir Heterogeneity Of He 2-3 Member Of Lower Shihezi Formation In Tabamiao Block
5. The Research Of Characteristic Of Xujiahe Formation Reservoir In Dayi Structure Of The Western Sichuan Depression
6. Research On Tight Sandstone Reservoir Characteristics Of The Third Member Of Shahejie Formation In Shuangtaizi Structural Belt And Its Surrounding Areas
7. Reservoir Characteristics Research: Tight Sandstone Reservoir Of Denglouku Formation In Changling Fault Depression
8. Characteristics Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir Of Upper Paleozoic In Southern Ordos Basin And Controlling On Gas Accumulation
9. The Study On Tight Sandstone Gas Logging Interpretation Of Upper Paleozoic In Yan Qi2–Yan128 Wellblock Of Yan’an Gas Field
10. Reservoir Characteristics And Geological Modeling Of The Upper He8 Reservoir In The Tao2 Area In Sulige Gas Field
11. The Research On Reservoir Characteristics To Tight Sandstone Reservoir Of Xujiahe Formation In Puguang Area
12. Research On Sensitivity Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir For HH Oilfield
13. The Study On Gas Logging Interpretation Of Upper Paleozoic In The South Of Ordos Basin
14. Study On Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir Characteristics Of Shuixigou Group In Kekeya Structural Belt Of Tuha Basin
15. Tight Sandstone Reservoir Heterogeneity Research Of Permian In Sulige Gasfield
16. Study On Fracture Identification From Conventional Logging Data In Low Porosity And Low Permeability Tight Sandstone Reservoir
17. The Pore Structure Characteristics Of Tight Sandstone Reservoir Of Sha-3 Member In Gaoliu Tectonic Belt
18. Logging Evaluation Technologies Of Continental Tight Sandstone Reservoir In Beiyuanba Area Of East Sichuan Basin
19. Application Of HDIL In The Evaluation Of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs In Sulige Area
20. The Tight Sandstone Reservoir Assessment In The Third Member Of Shahejie Formation Of Shuangtaizi Area In Liaohe Depression
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