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1. Pistacia Chinensis Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis And Expression Analysis Of PcWRI1 And PcLEC1 Gene Transformation Into Arabidopsis Thaliana
2. Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis And Functional Identification Of Sex Differentiation Genes From Romanomermis Wuchangensis
3. Molecular Mechanism Of Growth And Development Of The Green Tides Forming Alga Ulva Prolifera In The Yellow Sea
4. Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis Of Drug-resistant Pasteurella Multocida Strains Isolated From Avian
5. RNA-seq Analysis Of The SCN1A-KO Model Based On CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Technology
6. Heavy Metal Adsorption Behavior And Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis Of Providencia Bacteria
7. Virulence Analysis Of Bovine MRSA And Comparative Genomics And Transcriptomics Study Of Cefquinome Resistance In Ningxia
8. Continued Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis And Cloning And Expression Of The Oil Body Protein Oleosin Gene
9. The Regulation Of Vp0610 On Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Biofilm Formation
10. The Attack And Defence Mechanisms Of Pseudomonas Fluorescens W-6 And Its Siphoviridae Bacteriophage VW6S
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