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1. Numerical Simulation And Experiment Study On Electromagnetic Stirring Process In Continuous Casting Mold Of Round Billets
2. Research Of Wear-resistance On Roller With Biomimetical Non-smooth Concave Surface
3. Study On Some Key Technological Problems Of High Speed Machine Tool
4. Study On The Character Of The Heavy Double-Doped Manganite Film And The Numerical Simulation Of The Film Growth
5. Effects Of Electropulsing On The Microstructure, Mechanical Properties And Thermal Fatigue Behaviors Of Die Steel Heat Affected Zone
6. Design Of High-Voltage Electrospinning Machine And Optimizing Of Electrostatic Field
7. Analysis And Optimization Of Structure Strength In Panel-type Furniture Based On ANSYS
8. Structural Analysis And Application Research For Digester
9. Development Of Electroslag Continuous Casting Technology And Its Process Research
10. Structures And Properties Of Three-dimension Woven Integrated Sandwich Composites
11. Experimental Investigation And Numerical Simulation On Coupling Bionic Functional Surface Of Erosion Resistance
12. Research On Structural Mechanics Of Solid Wood Framework Furniture Based On Finite Element Method
13. Analysis And Optimization Of Structure Strength In Laminated Bent-wood Chair
14. The Research Of Nonlinear Three Dementional Simulation Of Soft Rock Tunnel
15. The Design And Development Of System On Temperature-Field /Stress-Field Simulation And Technology Optimization Design For Castings
16. Finite Element Analysis And Topological Optimal Design For The Platens Of Injection Molding Machine
17. Study On Virtual Analysis Technique Of The Evoluation Of 3d Thermal Stress And Residual Stress In Welding
18. A Theoretical And Experimental Study On Keyhole Effects In Laser Deep Penetration Welding
19. Numerical Simulation And Flow Pattern Analysis Of Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
20. Study On Numerical Simulation Of Coupling Heat Transfer To Fluid Flow During Mold Filling
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