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1. Technical Research Of The Adjusting And Controlling Mechanism Of The Underground Gasification Of Coal And Computer Emulation
2. The Study On Multi-Point Forming Press And Its Key Components Used In Adjusting Elements
3. Research On Rapid Shape Adjusting And Forming Process Automation In Multi-point Forming
4. Study And Application Of Lost Circulation Resistance And Control Technology During Drilling
5. Study On The Polyacrylamide Inverse Emulsion Drive-adjusting Reagent
6. Land Adjusting Mechanism And Countermeasures In The Ecologically Vulnerable Coal-mining Areas
7. Multicolor Patterning Via Adjusting The States Of A Single Dye Species
8. Research On The Process And Key Equipment For Precision Forming Of Spur Gears
9. Injection And Correlation Analysis
10. Offshore Oilfield Electric Submersible Pump Production System To Optimize The Design And Working Condition Diagnosis
11. Study On Numerical Simulation Of 2d River Flow And Water Quarlity With Complicted Boundary
12. The Study Of Movement Controller For Open CNC
13. Studies On The Health Care Function Of Lily DF
14. Study Of A New Speed-adjusting Method Of Mine Hoister
15. Study And Manufacture Of Digital Electronic Torque Wrench Based On Microcontroller
16. The Design Of Adjusting And Suspending Fine Blanking Die Holder
17. The Study Of Multi-Point Forming Control System Based On Parallel Mode
18. Automatic Adjusting And Control System Of Air-valve Parameters Based On Loose Detection
19. The Fuzzy Control System In Controlling Of The Blast Furnace Probling Device
20. Designing And Adjusting A Full-Flow Dilution Tunnel Particle Sampling
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