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1. Synthesis Of Some New Chiral Ligands And Their Application In Asymmetric Synthesis
2. Catalytic Asymmetric Aminohydroxylation Of Prochiral Olefins
3. Asymmetric Synthesis Of Bioactive Piperidines
4. Asymmetric Synthesis Of Alkaloid Haliclorensin, Isohaliclorensin And Stellettamide C
5. Asymmetric Reduction Of Prochiral Carbonyl To Chiral Alcohol With Baker's Yeast In Aqueous Phase
6. Studies On The Asymmetric Synthesis Of Curcuphenol, Heliannuol E And Aigialomycin D
7. Asymmetric Silylcyanation And Asymmetric Baylis-Hillman Reaction Of Aldehydes
8. Enantioselective Synthesis Of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles And α-Substituted Phosphonates
9. Studies On The Asymmetric Synthesis Of Herbarumin Ⅲ, Tuckolide, Cuparene And Flavans
10. Asymmetric Synthesis Of β-substituted-α, γ-diamino Acids And Pyrrolidine Derivatives Containing Multichiral Centers
11. Synthesis Of New Chiral Ferrocenyl Azetidino Alcohol Ligands And Their Application In The Asymmetric Catalysis
12. Synthesis Of Novel Small Organic Molecules Derived From Proline And Their Application In The Catalytic Asymmetric Construction Of Carbon-Carbon Bond
13. Total Synthesis Of Hapalosin And Its Analogues: Construction Of Three Small Hapalosin C-9 Analogues Libraries And Studies On Total Synthesis Of Melleumins A And B
14. Chemoenzymatic Synthesis Of Key Chiral Intermediates Of Statins
15. Studies On The Asymmetric Synthesis Of Bitungolides A-F
16. Asymmetric Synthesis Of 3-aryl-2,3-diamino Acids
17. The Asymmetric Synthesis Of Methyl Shikimate, 5a-Carba-β-D-gulopyranose, Tadalafil And Stavudine
18. 1,Catalytic Asymmetric Total Synthesis Of (+)-Biotin And Related Reaction 2,Asymmetric Synthesis Of The Analogue Of (-)-Reserpine E-ring Building Block
19. Synthesis Of Phenanthrene Derivatives And Their Applications In Asymmetric Catalysis
20. Studies On The Asymmetric Total Synthesis Of Marine Natural Products Ypaoamide And Awajanomycin; Applications Of Carbohydrates In The Synthesis Of Chiral Ligands And Polymers
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