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1. Research On The Synthesis And Property Of Novel BODIPY Dyes
2. Study Of BODIPY And Rhodamine Fluorescent Probes For Cations
3. Synthesis And Properties Of Novel Multifunctional Groups With Perylene Diimide
4. Application And Construction Of Multi-Chromophores FRET System Based On BODIPY Fluorophore
5. The Research On Synthetic Methodology And Spectral Properties Based On BODIPY Dyes
6. Research On The Synthesis, Properties And Application Of Novel BODIPY Fluorescence Dyes
7. Pattern Recognition Of Natural Products And Design And Synthesis Of A Dual Channel Chemodosimeter
8. Study On Iuminescent Eu(Ⅲ),Tb(Ⅲ)Macromolecular Complexes And BODIPY Dyes
9. Synthesis, Spectral Properties And The Application In Biological Labeling Of New Serious Boron Dipyrromethene Dyes
10. Research On The Synthesis And Property Of Novel BODIPY Dyes
11. Study Of BODIPY Fluorescent Probes For PH And Metal Ions
12. Design, Synthesis, And Testing Of New Difluoroboron-Derivatized Fluorescent Molecule
13. Design And Application Of The Fluorescence BODIPY-based Sensors For Mercury
14. The Research On Functional Fluorescent Dyes Based On BODIPY Fluorophore
15. Synthesis And Study Of Water-soluble Fluorescent Probe For Metal Ions Based On BODIPY Dye
16. Design And Synthesis Of Near-Infrared Aza-BODIPY Dyes
17. Synthesis And Photophysical Study Of Viscosity Molecular And Thiol Fluorescent Probes Based On Tuning Singlet Effect Of Fluorophores
18. Studies On Spectroscopy Properties Of BODIPY Dyes And Non-Cyclic Crown Ether With Its Alkaline Earth Metal Complexes
19. BODIPY Based Fluorescent Probes For Cadmium: Design, Synthesis And Property
20. Novel BODIPY Fluorecent Probe For Biomolecules Detection And Its Application In Bioimaging
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