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Keyword [Bulk amorphous alloy]
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1. Deformation Mechanism And Constitutive Behavior Of Bulk Amorphous Alloy
2. Laser Cladding And Laser-induced Self-propagating Synthesis Of Zr-based Amorphous Alloys
3. Effect Of High Pressure And Irradiation On Atomic Transportation In Bulk Amorphous Alloys
4. Preparation Of Multi-Component Bulk Amorphous Alloys And Design Of Payload Experiments In Space
5. Preparation And Properties Of Fe-based Bulk Amorphous From Industrial Raw Materials
6. Formation Of Cu-based Bulk Metallic Glass And Properties
7. The Research On The Preparation, The Structure And The Properties Of Magnesium Based Amorphous Alloys
8. Micro-mechanical Properties Of Bulk Metallic Glasses And Metallic Glass Based Composites
9. Glass Forming Ability, Crystallization Mechanisms, Deformation-Induced Microstructure And Mechanical Property Evolutions Of Cu-Based Bulk Amorphous Alloys
10. Study Of The Mechanical Behavior And Its Mechanism Of Bulk Amorphous Alloys
11. Glass-Forming Ability And Fracture Behavior Of NiTiZrAlCuSi Alloys
12. Study On Glass-forming Ability, Effects Of Alloying Addition And Properties Of Cu-Ti-Based Bulk Amorphous Alloy
13. Preparation And Corrosion Properties Of Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
14. Investigation On Corrosion Resistance And Thermal Stability Of ZrTiCuNiBe Bulk Metallic Glass
15. Study On The Fabrication Of Mg-based Bulk Amorphous
16. Corrosion Behavior Study Of Bulk Amorphous Alloy
17. Fabrication And Welding Of Zr-based Bulk Amorphous Alloy
18. Synthesis And Properties Of Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu-Be Bulk Amorphous Alloy
19. Crystallization And Mechanical Property Of Cu-Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass
20. Formation Of Cu-based Bulk Metallic Glass And Structural Research Of Pd-based Metallic Glass
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