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1. Synthesis Of Carbon Nanomaterial By Chemical Vapor Deposition And Its Field Emission Display Application
2. Study On The Functionalization Of CNTs And The Catalytic Hydrogenation Of NiB Amorphous Alloy Catalyst Supported On CNTs
3. Study On The Catalytic Properties Of Nickel-phosphorus Amorphous Alloy Supported On Carbon Nanotubes
4. Study On The Preparation Of Carbon Nanotubes And The Catalytic Properties Over CNTs Supported NiB Amorphous Alloy Catalyst
5. Electrochemical Properties And Capacitive Deionization Of Carbon Nanotubes Films
6. The Study On The Preparation And Properties Of The PA6/PP/CNTs Composites
7. The Research On The Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes
8. Study On The Preparation Of CNTs Supported Pt, Pd Catalysts And Catalytic Performance For The Selective Hydrogenation Of α, β-unsaturated Aldehyde
9. Industrialized Study Of Pd/C Catalyst And Its Applying In Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation
10. Self-assembly Of Hydroxyapatite On Carbon Nanotubes And Related Composite
11. Investigation Of Fabrication, Structure And Properties Of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
12. Study On Friction And Wear Properties Of CNTs-Ag-G Composites With Electrical Current
13. Preparation Of Novel Functionalized Adsorbent And Their Applications In Separation And Preconcentration Of Trace Components
14. Preparation And Properties Of A-GaN Films And Alignment Of CNTs By LB Technique
15. Research On Polymer/CNTs And TiO2 Nanotubes-based Composites
16. Mechanism And Applications Of Noncovalent Functionalization Of Carbon Nanotubes Using Aromatic Organics
17. Study Of Polysulfone Nanofibrous Membranes Toughened Epoxy Resin And Carbon Fiber Composite
18. Preparation, Characterization And Application Of Carbon Nano-Tubes (CNTs) Grown On Thin-sheet Sinter-locked Ni-/SS-316L-microfibers (SMF_M)
19. Synthesis And Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes, Nanodiamond, Hollow Carbon Spheres, And Their Nanocomposites By Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
20. Synthesis And Field Electron Emission Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanosheets, Graphene And Their Composites
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