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Keyword [Carbon Nanotubes]
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1. Investigation Of The Electronic Structure And Transport Properties For The Carbon Nanotubes
2. Preparation Of Carbon Nanotubes By Electrolysis In Molten Salts And Its Electrocatalytic Properties
3. Studies On Preparation, Structure And Parameter Optimization Of Carbon Nanotubes And Light Element Compound Nanotubes
4. Investigation On The Chemical Modification Of Carbon Nanotubes And Carbon Nanotubes-polymer Composites
5. Purification Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes And Its Applications As A Sorbent In Environmental Analytical Chemistry
6. Investigation On The Electrochemical Properties And The Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes
7. Preparation And Characterization Of Carbon Nanotubes And One-Dimensional Oxide Nanomaterials
8. Studies On The Fabrication And Characterization Of Carbon Nanotube-Modified Electrode And Its Analytical Applications
9. Research On The Preparation And Characterization Of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes And Their Composite Film
10. Modified Carbon Nanotubes And Their Field Emission Performances
11. Synthesis Of Carbon Nanotubes By Chemical Vapor Deposition With Natural Nano-minerals As Catalyst And Studies On Hydrogen Absorption In Carbon Nanotubes
12. Synthesis And Properties Of Novel Carbon Nanotubes/Polymer Graft Composites And Metal Complexes
13. Preparation And Properties Of Carbon Nanomaterials Based On Biomaterials
14. Fabrication Of A Newly Developed AgC Electrical Contact Material And Research Of Its Properties
15. Study On Preparation Of Carbon Nanotubes Using Catalytic Chemical Vapor Pyrolysis And Their Applications
16. Ammonia Synthesis On Ru Supported On Carbon Nanotubes And TAP Study Of Ammonia Decomposition
17. Carbon Fibre/Carbon Nano-Tubes Strengthened Calcium Phosphate Cement Composite And Its Biocomposibility
18. Investigations Of Water And Ionic Crystal Filling Carbon Nanotubes: Dynamical, Electronic And Optical Properties
19. Investigation On The Dynamic Behavior Of Mulit-walled Carbon Nanotubes
20. Polymer Modification Of Carbon Nanotubes And Its Properties
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