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Keyword [Carbothermal reduction method]
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1. Processing, Microstructure And Thermal Properties Of AlN Ceramics And Ain Powder Prepared By Modified Carbothermal Reduction Method
2. Synthesis And Mechanism Of The Quasi-One-Dimensionial Nanostructures And Initial Research Of The Conductive Plastic
3. Preparation, Characterization And Photoluminescence Properties Of Transparent Conducting Oxide Nanowires By Carbothermal Reduction Method
4. Research On The Effects Of The Synthesis Conditions On The Preparation Of TiB2 By Carbothermal Reduction Method
5. Synthesization And Performance Of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials For Lithium Ion Battery
6. Research On The Densification Of AIN Caramic
7. Preparation Of Ultrafine ZrB2-SiC Composite Powders By A Combined Sol-gel And Microwave Boro/Carbothermal Reduction Method
8. Preparation And Application Of Nanostructured Silicon Carbide
9. Study On Preparation Of AlON Transparent Ceramics Powder And Its Modification
10. Study On The Preparation And Properties Of B4C-based Ceramics Composite And Synthesis Of B4C Powder
11. Reasearch On The Crafts Of Synthesize SiC Powder At Low-temperature And The Transformation Of SiO2Polymorphs
12. Study On The Synthesis Of TaC And NaTaO3 Ceramic Powders Via A Molten Salts Mediated Method
13. Electrochemical Properties Of LiFePO4/C Composites Synthesized By Carbothermal Reduction Method
14. Preparation Of ZrB2/HfB2-SiC Composite Powders By Microwave Molten Salt Method And Their Spark Plasma Sintering
15. Preparation Technology Of Iron Tailings Porous Ceramics By Foam Gelcasting And Carbothermal Reduction
16. Preparation And Structural Characterization Of Al2O3 And TiC0.3N0.7 Whiskers
17. Preparation And Catalytic Degradation Of Cf/SiCnws/Ni Composites
18. The Vacuum Carbothermal Reduction Method Recovers Metal Indium From The ITO Waste Target
19. Carbonthermal Reduction Reaction Mechanism And Preparation Process Of Iron Tailings Porous Ceramics With High Thermal Conductivity
20. Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode Material With Coated Organic Carbon Source
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