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Keyword [Chemical Vapor Deposition]
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1. Study On The Effects Of Carbon Fiber Preform And Densifying Means On CF/Matrix Interface And Performances Of Carbon/carbon Composites
2. Modified Carbon Nanotubes And Their Field Emission Performances
3. Synthesis Of Carbon Nanotubes By Chemical Vapor Deposition With Natural Nano-minerals As Catalyst And Studies On Hydrogen Absorption In Carbon Nanotubes
4. Preparation And Modification Of Carbon Nanotubes And The Prelimilary Application In Glucose Biosensor
5. Preparation And Microstructure Characterization Of YBa2Cu3O7-δ And MgB2 Superconduting Films
6. Fabrication And Characterization Of One-dimensional Functional Nanomaterials
7. Synthesis Of Carbon Nanomaterial By Chemical Vapor Deposition And Its Field Emission Display Application
8. Synthesis, Microstructure And Properties Of Several Low-dimensional Materials
9. Investigations On The Growth Of ZnO Nanomaterials, Property And Its Field Emission Display Devices Prototype
10. Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis And Properties Of New One-dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials
11. Electrochemical Properties And Capacitive Deionization Of Carbon Nanotubes Films
12. Study Of Growth And Doping Of ZnO Films By Atmospheric Pressure-MOCVD
13. Study Of Prepared Tellurium Film With Spectral Selectivity And New Process To Recover Of Tellurium From Lead-rich Tellurium Slag
14. Gas-Phase Synthesis And Chracterization Of Zinc Oxide Micro/Nanomaterials
15. The Research On The Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes
16. Investigation On Controllable Growth And Microstructure Of Nanostructrued ZnO By MOCVD
17. Investigation On P-type Doping Of ZnO Thin Films And Controllable Growth Of ZnO Nanodots
18. Study On The Preparation Of Nonmetal-doped TiO2 Nanotubes And Their Photoelectrocatalytic Performance
19. Studies On Preparation, Physical Properties And Related Devices Of One-Dimensional Carbon/Carbon Nitride Nanostructures
20. Synthesis And Characterization Of Carbon Nanotubes By Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
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