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Keyword [Chemical precipitation method]
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1. The Study On Preparation Of Cu-Ag, Ni-Ag Bimetal Powders And CaZrO3 Plating Nickel Powders
2. Pereparation Of Superfine Bismuth Oxide By Silver-zinc Slag And The Relative Basic Theory Study
3. Preparation Of Nanometer TiO2 By Means Of Chemical Precipitation Method
4. The Research On Kinetics And Process Conditions Optimization Of Treating Wastewater With High Concentration Ammonia-Nitrogen By Chemical Precipitation Method
5. Technology Study And Exploration Of Industrial Application On Treating The High Strength Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater Of Coke Plant By Chemical Precipitation Method
6. The Removal Ammonia-nitrogen From Sewage
7. Process Study On Preparation Of Nanometer Iron Oxide Using FeCl3 And Na2CO3 By Chemical Precipitation Method
8. The Removal Of Organic Substance In Bright Nickel Plating Bath And The Disposal Research Of Rinsing Wastewater Of Nickel Plating
9. Preparation Of Nanomether Calcium Lactate Via Chemical Precipitation Method And Lamellar Liquid Crystal Method
10. Research On Treatment Of Mother Solution Of Calcium Hydrophosphate By Chemical Precipitation Method
11. Research On Treatment Of The Phosphorus-containing Industrial Wastewater By Modified Marble Powder And Slag
12. Research On The Preparation And Properties Of Silver Peroxide Ultrafine
13. Preparation And Study Of Magnetic Nanoparticles And Epoxy Resin Magnetic Nanocomposites
14. Preparation And Photocatalytic Properties Of NiO/TiO2 Nanobelts Heterostructure
15. Study On Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of LaPO4:Eu3+ Nano-materials
16. Preparation And Characterization Of CeMgAl11O19 Phosphor
17. Preparation And Characterization Of Luminescent Lanthanide Materials BaMoO4:Eu3+
18. Preparation And Characterization Of Red Rare-earth Luminescent Material Y2O3:Eu3+
19. Preparation And Characterization Of Luminescent Lanthanide Materials Bamoo4:eu3+
20. Study On Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of Lapo4:eu3+ Nano-materials
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