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1. Study On Arc-Sprayed Cored Wires And Wear Properties Of Coatings
2. Study On RefiningTechnology And Mechanism Of Cast Stainless Steel
3. Microstructures And High Temperature Erosion Properties Of Supersonic Arc-sprayed Composite Coatings Of Cored Wires Containing Intermetallics And Nanosized Ceramics Under Nitrogen Protective Atmosphere
4. Deposit And Metallurgical Behavior Of Nitrogen-alloying Hardfacing Alloy
5. Study On Self-shielded Flux Cored Wire For Grade Api X80 Pipeline Steel
6. Study On Performance And Technique Of Thermal Spraying Coatings Resistant To Wet H2S Stress Corrosion
7. Develofment Of Maraging Steel Metal Powder-cored Wire For Tig Surfacing Die
8. Development Of Nickel-Base Cored Wire Against Corrosion And Erosion At Elevated Temperature
9. Development Of Metal Powder-cored Wire For Submerged Overlaying On Hot Roll
10. Study On High-Temperature Abrasion Resistant Coatings Of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
11. Development Of Advanced Performance Self-shielded Flux-cored Wire For Hardfacing
12. Study Of Self-shelded Flux-cored Wire
13. The Study Of Soldering Flux For Aluminum
14. Study On Al-Base Cored Wire And High Tempreture Protection Performance Of Its Coating By Arc Spraying
15. Study On Properties Of One Side Welding Joints And Protection Mechanism Of Back Weld Of Stainless Steel
16. Effects Of Several Components On The Toughness Of Deposited Metal And Usability Of Self-shielded Flux Cored Wire
17. The Study On Metal Transfer And Operation Performance Of Rutile Gas Shielded Flux-cored Wire
18. The Development Of Metal Powder-cored Wire For Submerged Overlaying With High Hardness And Toughness
19. Study On Environmentally Conscious Mild Steel Flux-cored Wire
20. Study On High Temperature Corrosion Resistance And Mechanisms Of Fe/Cr Coatings For Protection Of Boilers In Coal-burning Power Plants
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