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1. Study On Steeping Principles, Process And Intelligence Expert System For Corn Wet Milling
2. Research And Development Of Novel Formaldehyde Free Wood Adhesives From Biomass
3. Study On Starch-based API Wood Adhesive And Mechanism Of Curing And Retrogression
4. Study On Preparation Processing And Properties Of New Free Phosphate Detergent Builder-Oxidized Corn Starch
5. Preparation, Bididobacteria-proliferation And Application Of Burdock Inulin
6. Processing Control On Dextrin And Its Induction On Production Of α-amylase
7. Study On The Preparation And Application Of Microporous Starch, Crosslinked Microporous Starch And Crosslinked Microporous Starch Microspheres
8. Influence Of Pretreatment On Structure And Chemical Reaction Activity Of Starch
9. Research And Development Of The Key Techniques Of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idellus) Processing
10. Synergistic Effect And Mechanism Of Corn Starch And Different Hydrocolloids
11. Study On The Effects Of Different Electric Fields Treatments On The Physicochemical Properties Of Corn Starch
12. Fundamental Research On Hydrolysis Of Corn Starch By Microwave Inducement Catalysis
13. Study On Making Fat Mimetic With Corn Starch
14. Study On Water Based Polymer-Isocyanate Adhesive For Wood Esterify To Corn Starch
15. Study On Preparation And Properties Of Porous Corn Starch
16. Production Of Itaconic Acid From Corn Starch By Fermentation
17. Study On The Synthesis And Performance Of An Amphoteric Starch Polymeric Flocculant
18. Preparation And Study On Biodegradable Plastics Film Of Methyl Corn Starch Blends With PVA
19. Preparation, Properties And Application Of Stearate Starch
20. Application Of Novel Amylases In The Processing Of Crystalline Dextrose From Corn Starch
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