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1. A Study On X-ray Diffraction Microstructures Of AB5-type Hydrogen Storage Alloys And Their Hydrides
2. Preparation Of LDH And LDO In A Controllable Fashion For Specific Applications
3. Study On The Preparation Of Ceria-based Polishing Powder By Rare Earth Carbonate
4. Study On Performance And Deactivation Of Metal Oxide Catalyst For Benzaldehyde Production From Benzoic Acid
5. Preparation And Characterization Of Nano-TiO2 Particle
6. The Transition Of Molecular Agglomeration Structure Of Pan Fiber During The Spining Process
7. Investigation On The Mechanism And Methods Of Improving Interface Adhesion Between Micro Electroforming Layer And Metal Substrate
8. Study Of Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Spherical Lithium Titanate As Anode Materials For Li-ion Batteries
9. Design,Fabrication And Energy Storage Property Of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)-based Dielectric Composites
10. Designing Of ZrO2 Based Catalysts And Their Catalytic Performance And Mechanism Studies For Non-oxidative Propane Dehydrogenation
11. Study On High Temperature Laser Graphitization Process And Continuous Production Equipment Of Pan-based Carbon Fibers
12. Preparation of copper-bearing nanofluids for thermal applications
13. Cavitational synthesis of nanostructured inorganic materials for enhanced heterogeneous catalysis
14. Mechano-chemical synthesis of titanium silicide with sodium silicate
15. Characterisation of aluminium alloys by X-ray diffraction line profile analysi
16. Crystallite Size Dependency of the Pressure and Temperature Response in Nanoparticles of Ceria and Other Oxides
17. Influences of carbonate content and crystallinity on the solubility behavior of synthetic and biological apatites
18. Control of crystallite size in melt spun neodymium(2) iron(14) boron magnet material
19. Thermal conductivity of materials for electronic packaging substrates
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