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Keyword [Crystallization]
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1. Study On Preparation Of Unsupported Metallocene Catalyst Microparticles Using Supercritical Fluid Technology
2. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Cracking Performance Of MWW Type Zeolites
3. The Crystallization Behavior Of PET And Its Copolyesters
4. Syndiotactic Polymerization Of Styrene With Homogeneous Metallocene Catalysts
5. Effect Of Impurities On Gypsum Conversion To Ammonium Sulfate With Ammonium Carbonate
6. Study On Transfer Characteristics Of Slug Flow And Crystal Layer Growth In Bubbling Tubes
7. Study On Synthetic Technology Of Three Important Anthraquinone Intermediates
8. Preparation, Structure And Properties Of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate)/Montmorillonite Nanocomposite
9. Study On Preparation, Characterization And Properties Of Polyazomethine/nylon-6 Composites By In-situ Polymerization
10. Study On The Synthesis And Crystallization Process Of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Monohydrate
11. Study On Salt Effect And Its Application In Separation Process
12. Study On The Phase Equilibrium And Crystallization Separation Of Synthetic Nitro-musks
13. Synthesis Of P-Dioxanone-Based Aliphatic Polyesters And Their Structures And Properties
14. The Refining Of Cu-Li Alloys And The Study Of The Effects Of Lithium To Pure Copper
15. Host Effects Of Nano-crystalline Zeolite In The Macromolecular Metal-Complexes
16. Studies On The Synthesis And Properties Of Linear Saturated Polyesters And Copolyesters
17. The Deformation Mechanism Of Fibers During Laser Radiation-Drawing And Their Characterizations
18. Biodegradable Poly (1,4-dioxan-2-one)/Starch Blends: Preparation, Structures And Properties
19. Laser Cladding And Laser-induced Self-propagating Synthesis Of Zr-based Amorphous Alloys
20. Study On The Synthetic Process Of Titanium Silicalite And Its Catalytic And Oxidative Performance
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