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1. Studies Of The Catalysis Of Biopolymer-Metalloporphyrins For Aerobic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane
2. Syntheses And Characterization Of Some Heteropoly Compounds And Their Application In The Oxidation Of Cyclohexane
3. The Industrial Applied Research On Cyclohexane Oxidation With Biomimetic Catalyst
4. Study On Preparation, Dilute Solution Property Of Membrane Materials And Pervaporation Behavior Of Their Membranes For Organic Mixtures (MeOH/MTBE,Benzene/Cyclohexane)
5. Selective Hydrogenation Of Benzene To Cyclohexene Over Ru Catalysts
6. Heterogeneously Catalyzed Oxidaion Of Cyclohexane To Cyclohexanol And Cyclohexanone
7. Recovering Technology Of Adipic Acid And The Relative Fundamental Research
8. Synthesis, Characterization Of NaY Zeolite Encapsulated Cosalen Complex And Its Catalytic Performance In Cyclohexane Oxidation
9. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Performance Of Silica-based Mesoporous Molecular Sieves In Selective Oxidation
10. Cyclohexane Oxidation Over Supported Nano Gold Catalysts
11. Theoretical Studies On The Host-Guest Complexes: Cyclohexane And Its Ramification Encapsulated Within A Cylindrical Capsular Host
12. Oxidation Of Cyclohexane Catalyzed By Molecular Sieve In Ionic Liquid
13. Study On One-Step Synthesis Of ε-Caprolactam From Nitrosation Of Cyclohexane
14. A Study On The Preparation Of Mn(Ⅲ)TPP-Au/SiO2 Composite Catalyst And Its Catalytic Performance For Aerobic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane
15. The Study Of Synthesis And Application Of Porphrin Derivatives
16. Synthesis Of Metallo-dueteroporphyrin Derivatives And The Study Of Their Biomimetic Catalytic Activities
17. Oxidative Dehydrogenation Of Cyclohexane Over Mg-V-O Catalysts
18. Ionothermal Synthesis, Structure Control, And Properties Of Metal Phosphate Framework Materials
19. Study On New Process Of Synthesis And Modification For PET And Preparation Of Its Alloy Materials
20. Organocatalyzed Asymmetric Michael Addition & Aldol Reactions And Synthesis Of PDK-1 Inhibitors
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