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1. Study On The Structural Characteristics And Decomposition Mechanism Of Supersaturated Sodium Aluminate Solution
2. Decomposition Of Coking Wastewater By Ultrasonic Cavitation And Its Combined Technologies
3. The Mechanisms Of The Thermal Decompositions Of Tetrazole Derivatives:Molecular Modeling Studies
4. Synthesis, Characterization And Thermal Decomposition For Metal Complexes And Hydrated Borates
5. Study On Organic Contaminant Transport And Transform In Bottom Sediment Of Water System
6. Study Of The Direct Catalytic Amination And Hydroxylation Of Benzene
7. Studies On Structure Development Of Poly (Vinyl Chloride)/Flame-Retardant And Smoke-Suppressant System During Thermal Decomposition And Mechanism Of Flame Retardancy And Smoke Suppression
8. Study On Computer Vision-based Automatic Detection Of Fabric Defects
9. Studies On The Preparation And Properties Of Nanocrystalline Catalysts Used In Explosives And Propellants
10. Temperature Integral And Thermal Analytic Kinetics Studies On The Thermal Decomposition Reactions
11. Study On The Phase Equilibrium Of The Quaternary System Sodium Sulfate + Sodium Chloride + Hydrogen Peroxide + Water And Thermal Decomposition Kinetics Of The Adduct Formed Among The System
12. 3D Flow Simulation For Viscous Incompressible And Non-isothermal Melt In Injection Molding
13. Study On Structure And Morphology Control Of CnS And CdS Nanoparticles Prepared By Hydrochemical Method And Their Assembling Effects
14. Study On A New Method For Preparing Special Nickel Powder
15. Studies On Copolymerization,Properties And Structure,Application Of N-substituted Maleimide And Analysis By The Fourth Statistical Mechanics And Chaos Theory
16. Study On The Synthesis And Catalytic Characteristics Of Metal And Composite Metal Nanopowders
17. Study On Structure And Properties Of PHB/PEN,PEN And Their Reactive Blends
18. Studies Of Gas Discharge And Photocatalytic Method Decontaminating Benzene In The Exhaust Gas
19. Decomposition Of P-nitrophenol In Water By Ozonization With Ultrasonic Enhancement
20. Thermal Analysis Kinetics Of Multi-step Decomposition In The Solid State
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