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1. Synthesis, Biomimetic Catalytic Oxidation And Selective Coloration Of Novel N-Pivot Lariat Ethers
2. Study On Catalyzing Dioxygen Degradation Of Organic Pollutants In Aqueous Solutions
3. Degradation And Treatment Of Chlorophenols By Electrochemical Technologies
4. Classification Of Mode Of Action Of Phenol Derivatives And The Effect Of Dioxygen Pathway On Their Biodegradation
5. Modified Electrodes With Zeolite-encapsulated Melal Schiff Base Complexes: Preparation, Electrochemistry And Electrocatalysis In Dioxygen Reduction
6. Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopic And Theoretical Studies On The Transition Metal Oxides And Dioxygen Complexes
7. Activation Of Carbon Dioxide And Synthesis Of Cyclic Carbonates
8. Study On Chemical Engineering Of Cyclohexene Oxidized By Dioxygen
9. Theoretical Study On The Activation Of Dioxygen By Fe Complexes And Related Oxidation Reaction Of Alkene
10. The Role Of Oxygen In Degradation Of P-Chlorophenol Wastewater By Photochemical Oxidation
11. Synthesis Of Calixarene-Hydroxamic Acid And The Properties Of Their Transition Metal Complexes As Artificial Model Of Monooxygenase
12. Studies On Electrochemical Analysis Based On The Enhancement Effect Of Surfactant And Its Applications
13. Studies In Oxygenation And Oxidation Of Polyamine Cobalt Complexes Prepared By Solid State Reaction
14. The Studies On Amine-promoted Benzene Oxidation Hydroxylation With Dioxygen
15. Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry And Acid Dissociation Study On The Polyamine Cobalt Complexes With Dioxygen
16. Synthesis, Characterization And Reactivity Of Model Ligands And Complexes For The Active Site Of Quercetin 2, 3-dioxygenase
17. Studies On Simple Aliphatic Alcohols-promoted Toluene Oxidation By Metalloporphyrins/NHPI With Dioxygen
18. Prepa Ration And Studying On A Dual-core (Ⅱ) Catalyzer
19. Studies On The Oxidation-degradation Reaction Of Aliphatic Alcohols
20. High Efficient Catalytic System For Selective Oxidation Of Alcohols Based On The Activation Of Dioxygen
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